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News in February: Prevent domino effect

News in February: Prevent domino effect

PROFIBUS is alive and still enjoys enormous popularity. However, its typical line structure involves the risk of the domino effect – if one component becomes inoperative, the others will follow sooner or later. By implementing the repeaters of the MULTIrep family you can establish your network in a star structure and further prevent the domino effect through turning off segments deliberately. In the case of failures only a small part of the network is affected and a total outage is avoided! More ...

Star structure - overview

  • Local, functional and technical segmentation
  • Permanent network monitoring
    • LED Segment status indication
  • Turning off segments deliberately on error
  • Extension/replacement of devices during operation

Realising your star structure with MULTIrep

The MULTIrep family with the compact multiple repeater X2 (two segments), X5 (five segments) and X7 (seven segments) is the ideal basis for a robust PROFIBUS network in star structure. The integrated diagnostic function is a highlight of the MULTIrep series. The telegram traffic is continuously monitored, and the health of each segment is indicated with LEDs. Request an offer ...

NEW: CAN Bus Repeater

As of now: CANbridge X2 – the repeater/bridge for all CAN-protocols. More ...

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