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Functional Bonding and Shielding

Guideline for PROFIBUS and PROFINET

Guideline for PROFIBUS and PROFINET

The organization PROFIBUS & PROFINET International has published recommendations for Functional Bonding and Shielding of PROFIBUS and PROFINET in a document of the same name. Thanks to the diverse, practical input from numerous fieldbus users, the document brings the current state of the art in line with the valid norms. By applying the measures formulated there, material and assembly costs can be significantly reduced when setting up optimum equipotential bonding, while at the same time increasing the immunity of the machines and systems to electromagnetic influences.

* The Use of the guidline is at your own risk. Always use the current version, which you can access by clicking on the "Download Guideline" button.

Functional Bonding and Shielding of PROFIBUS and PROFINET

(Version 1.0 | March 18)

The document provides recommendations for an optimized construction of automation systems in order to reduce the effects of electromagnetic interference and to achieve an optimal construction of the equipotential bonding system outside Ex areas.

Some essential contents:

  • Fundamentals of electromagnetic interference
  • Basic knowledge of functional bonding and shielding
  • Recommendations for low-interference construction of PROFIBUS and PROFINET networks
  • Proposal for possible quality inspections

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Connecting and fastening bare conductor cables

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Symmetrical motor cable SymFlex<sup>®</sup>

Symmetrical motor cable SymFlex®

Reduce vagrant PE / PA currents

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EMCheck<sup>®</sup> MWMZ II


Measuring the quality of equipotential bondings

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EMC brochure

EMC brochure

The brochure explains how to build up a stable EMC structure of automation systems and detect interferences

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