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PROFI-TM Professional DP

For quick and simple PROFIBUS test

Professional PROFIBUS Tester PROFI-TM

The PROFI-TM Professional allows remarkable savings in time and costs, because physical values and the communication of your PROFIBUS are measured by only one device and during operation. The PROFIBUS tester of the latest generation supports your commissioning and service and is also an appropriate device to perform a certification measurement of new installations.

Highlights PROFIBUS-Tester PROFI-TM Professional

  • Quick measurement with bus condition display
  • Measurement without PC possible
  • Full-featured telegram monitor
  • ≥ 10 measurements can be stored in standalone
  • Complete physical and logical analysis
  • Convenient oscilloscope function
  • Detailed topology display
  • Log printout

PROFIBUS Measuring without PG/notebook
With the included cable, the tester can be connected directly to the PROFIBUS. The values “Qmin” and “Qmax” provide information about the communication quality. If a value of 2.500 quality points is not reached, additional measures for indepth analysis need to be performed. Operation is very simple with the menuguided display. Up to ten measurements of the physical and logical bus quality can be stored on the device.

PROFIBUS Measuring with a PG/notebook

Physical evaluation
All measured quality values are shown as bar graphs for each device. The quality should not be less than the preset limit of 2.500 points. Each bar is a representation of the bit shape that results from the evaluation of the edges, the amplitude and the settling behaviour of the signal for each device. The oscilloscope function provides information about problems with electro-magnetic interferences (EMI), signal shape, or reflection for each device.

Measurement with PROFIBUS Tester PROFI-TM Professional Measurement with PROFI-TM Professional

Logical evaluation
The analysis of the telegram traffic provides information about the number and type of device-specific telegram errors. Triggering for specific results is also possible to detect and analyse intermittent errors. Diagnostic telegrams are displayed in clear text to make evaluation easier.

Master function – PROFIBUS testing and inspection without PLC
Topology scan
The topological order of devices is determined with an accuracy of one meter. Device types are identified automatically and displayed clearly.

Compatible adapters for PROFIBUS quality tester

  • Measuring adapter PB-DSUB-1: absolutely necessary for online measurement and measurements of critical plants
  • M12 Y measuring adapter: to connect the PROFI-TM Professional
  • Set M12 measuring and programming adapter: to connect an active programming cable (APKA II) to a M12 interface or to a measuring device (e.g. PBMX); versions: straight, angled
PROFIBUS Measuring adapter PB-DSUB-1 PB-DSUB-1
Y measuring adapter M12 for PROFIBUS Tester Y measuring adapter M12
Adapter M12 angled for PROFIBUS test tool M12 angled
Adapter M12 straight for PROFIBUS Tester M12 straight

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