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INBLOX® INspektor® DP / PA

Diagnosis and parameter setting for your PROFIBUS DP/PA

INBLOX® INspektor®

In these days the requirements of operators, planners and maintainers imposed on the network stability are much higher. Environmental influences like heat, humidity, aggressive air, countless alternate bending stresses, vibrations, dust pit cables and field devices.

The subject is a warning of failure to make a plannable maintenance possible. Therefore, the INspektor® of the INBLOX® provides a simple and effective solution.

The basis of a permanent PROFIBUS monitoring is the intelligent E-head module. It provides an integrated web server displaying the PROFIBUS network quality of all segments. The operator has the ability to evaluate previous telegram errors, telegram repititions, restarts of devices or edge stepnesses. The E-head module with network access (Ethernet connection) displays on a web interface e.g. network overview and device matrix. The head module provides different possibilities to warn the user in case of deterioration of the network status.

Depending on the combination of the extension modules INBLOX® INspektor® enables to meet many further requirements on the PROFIBUS network topology:

  • Clear display via LED
  • Physical network diagnosis
  • Remote access
  • Permanent monitoring

INBLOX® Sample configuration of monitoring

The following combination possibilities are examples depending on your requirements of comfort and intelligence level of the modules. All modules can be combined in different version variations.

Modular Repeater PREMIUM

This combination enables a diagnosis of 20 segments in the PROFIBUS network via LED and via web interface of the integrated webserver. The alarm module placed at the end monitors up to four INBLOX® DP Diag Rep modules with its four terminals. In case of alerting the associated LED lights as long as it is deleted manually. Via the web interface of the E-head module the DP Diag Rep module can be selected to display the affected device and detailed information.

Modular Repeater COMFORT

By selecting the E-head module and the extension INBLOX® DP Diag+ Rep an additional physical diagnosis is possible by evaluating the bit form. The collected data are displayed as bar diagram or oscilloscope recording via web interface. You achieve a permanently readable quality value evaluating the network quality. With this combination it is possible to create five segments – per extension module one segment.

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INBLOX® Modular Repeater System

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