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Fit4PROFINET package

Diagnostic package for a stable PROFINET operation

Fit4PROFINET package for acceptance test, maintenance and troubleshooting of PROFINET networks

Lay the foundation for a stable plant operation in future. With the Fit4PROFINET package you are fully equipped and well prepared for acceptance test, maintenance and troubleshooting of PROFINET networks.

Your advantages with the Fit4PROFINET package

  • PROFINET system status
    at a glance at any time due to intuitive web interface that shows device status and system status in traffic light colours

  • Automated maintenance possible
    Predictive Maintenance based on actual network condition
  • „Warning in good time“
    Customizable alert management system sends alerts when irregularities are determined or defined thresholds are exceeded
  • Reduce timeexposure
    for acceptance test, commissioning, and troubleshooting
Fit4PROFINET package connection exampleConnection example

The PROFINET Diagnostic Set includes the following products



for intelligent diagnostics

PROmanage® NT

PROmanage® NT

as centralised monitoring software

PROnetplan V2


for netload planning before system creation

PROscan® Active V2

PROscan® Active V2

for detecting the network topology

PROFINET Switches PROmesh

PROmesh switches P9 & P20

Full managed PROFINET/Ethernet switches with onboard EMC diagnosis

Additional software features:

  • PROnetload as PROFINET stress test with regarding network load
  • Servicetool

More accessories in the package:

  • PROFINET connector RJ45 (180°)
  • PROFINET cable Cat5 (type B - flexible)
  • Patch cable 2m (green)

Product Details


PROFINET Guidelines

This product meets important requirements of the PROFINET Design Guideline and Commissioning Guideline of PROFIBUS & PROFINET International. Read more about further criteria and products!