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We look forward to hearing from you

We look forward to hearing from you


  • Karl-Heinz Richter

    Karl-Heinz Richter

    CEO (Marketing & Sales)
  • RenĂ© Heidl

    René Heidl

    CEO (Technology & Development)

Middle Management

  • Andy Carius

    Andy Carius

    Chief Technology Officer

International Sales

  • Annett Markowitz

    Annett Markowitz

    International Sales
  • Aldrin Jeffric Hyles

    Aldrin Jeffric Hyles

    International Sales
  • Nicole Rabold

    Nicole Rabold

    International Export


  • Bernd Kraus

    Bernd Kraus

    Head of Sales

Key Account Management

  • Sebastian Vogel

    Sebastian Vogel

    Key Account Management Automotive | BMW, Daimler
  • Christoph Waldenmaier

    Christoph Waldenmaier

    Key Account Management Automotive | Volkswagen Group


  • Stephan Fischer

    Stephan Fischer

    Head of Training

Product Management & Development

  • Stefan Helbig

    Stefan Helbig

    Head of Product Management
  • Anne Satzke

    Anne Satzke

    Head of Development


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