Warning of failure by permanent network monitoring


Monitoring solutions for Industrial Ethernet

The central monitoring software

PROmanage® NT

The central monitoring software

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For the long term, the challenge of the evolving automation technology can be handled solely by a systematic solution of permanent diagnosis of your maintainer. It makes the maintenance predictable and prevents heavy losses in production.

Our INspektor® is your perfect partner to monitor permanently the logical data traffic inside your fieldbus. Predefined quality values are stored as an event by INspektor® and all events of the whole life cycle of a plant can be displayed by using the central, web-based software PROmanage®.

With this network data and long-term statistics you have the ability to answer questions concerning ageing, wear and reserves against wear and thus you are able to determine metrological established service intervals.

Condition-based monitoringCondition-based monitoring

PNM means:

  • High plant availability
  • Production continuity
  • Predictable maintenance
  • Alert management