Network Monitoring and Management for Industrial Plants

Condition-focused maintenance, remote management, avoiding power failures, etc.

Network monitoring & network monitoring solutions in the industrial environment

Stable and reliable operation is a top priority for any industrial plant. While it may sound quite trivial at first, it can turn into a great challenge for plant operators and maintenance personnel. Most faults can be found at an early stage – provided that a permanent diagnosis or monitoring system (permanent network monitoring, in short: PNM) is running in the plant network.

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Industrial Networks: Monitoring and Management - Explanation

Explanation / Advantages

Industrial networks: monitoring and management - opportunities

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Industrial Networks: Monitoring and Management - Consulting

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Choose your plant network

PROFIBUS Monitoring: permanent network monitoring
PROFINET Monitoring: permanent network monitoring
Industrial Ethernet Monitoring: permanent network monitoring
CAN / CAN Bus Monitoring: permanent network monitoring
AS Interface / ASi Bus Monitoring: permanent network monitoring

More than one network type in use? Monitor the status of your plant / networks centrally with one solution - across networks and fieldbuses.

All monitoring data of your system networks centrally and easily at a glance!

Flexible Monitoring Solutions for Industrial Networks
Individual. Across Networks. Scalable.

It might feel different at first, but permanent network monitoring (in short: PNM) has many possible implementations. You can use a network monitoring system that can be expanded at any time based on your needs and budget.

Monitoring solutions begin at a single analysis data collector, such as the PROFINET-INspektor® NT ar a PROmesh switch with integrated diagnosis function. Any number of additional data collectors can be used depending on system type, network structure, and requirements. Since these devices were also designed for independent operation, they often come with dedicated web-based monitoring applications. This, or manual reading of long-term data stored on the device, permits detailed evaluation at any time.

Operators of complex or multiple systems can centralise and partially automate professional condition monitoring via the PROmanage NT network monitoring software. Stay informed about critical events automatically on top of using evaluation, thorough analysis, and long-term storage of status data of your fieldbuses and industrial Ethernet networks.

Scalable solutions for network monitoring of industrial and automation plantsScalable solutions starting at a single monitoring device
[...] In machines and plants without a monitoring system, reactions [...] are only possible when externally visible faults appear [...]. Detection and elimination of the causes will take much longer than they have to. VORTEX-Report 2019

Combination options / expansion stages
Industrial network monitoring always matching your needs

Choose between the basic combination options and start with professional network monitoring to match your requirements.
Your requirements have changed? That’s no problem since our network monitoring solutions can be freely combined and extended at need at any time.

Industrial networks: monitoring and management - monitoring without hardware

Software-based network monitoring without additional hardware

Basic monitoring solution for Ethernet-based industrial networks with managed switches

Industrial Networks: Monitoring and Management - Application Monitoring

Application-comprehensive OT monitoring
(free combination possible)

Integrated monitoring for heterogeneous networks – from PROFINET to AS interface.

Industrial Networks: Monitoring and Management - Data Collectors / Indu-Sol INspektors

Device-based monitoring for Ethernet and fieldbus (also as stand-alone solutions)

Monitoring units for PROFINET, PROFIBUS, etc. – Can be used on their own or in combination.

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Example from Practice – BAUR Versand: Monitoring (PNM) in the Industrial Environment

permanentes Netzwerkmonitoring im industriellen Umfeld, Praxisbeispiel BAUR Versand

Baur Versand GmbH & Co KG Altenkunstadt
Networks used: PROFIBUS, PROFINET, ASi

"Ten minutes of downtime are virtually impossible to compensate for within a day." (H. Fiedler, BAUR Versand)

The plant monitoring has grown along with demands

  • Sporadic interferences and downtimes after commissioning of the loading sorter
    → among other things with effects on upstream stations and processes
  • On-site measuring deployment by Indu-Sol
    → commissioning of the first PROFIBUS INspektor units
  • Gradual expansion of permanent network monitoring to all (new) systems
    → currently 33 measuring and analysis units in use
  • Introduction of the central PROmanage® NT monitoring software
    → ability of centrally viewing the overall condition of all networks based on requirements
  • Gradual shift to PROFINET-INspektoren® NT units
    → new functions simplify network monitoring and safety

PNM advantages at past events (excerpt)

  • Support, evidence, review of removal of sporadic plant errors
    → permitted faster remedy by the plant constructor service team
  • Function inspection after subscriber exchange within the scope of a PROFIBUS-Retrofit
    + Ongoing inspection in operation
  • Central monitoring of all analysis devices in PNM software PROmanage® NT
  • Permanent condition monitoring with low personnel resources
    → thanks to automatic alarm function
  • Targeted maintenance and repair
    → monitoring system reports where there are any errors in the system network
  • Current and historical network conditions in view at all times
    → permits seamless tracking in shift operation

What is Permanent Network Monitoring/Condition Monitoring?

Explanation: What is Permanent Network Monitoring / Condition Monitoring?

Maintenance of your systems is clearly simplifiedby seamless network condition recording. Physical and logical system values can be recorded and evaluated in a similar manner as for targeted (maintenance) measurements with simple measuring clamps. However, since data are acquired continually, in detail, and even at several measuring points in parallel, maintenance staff can detect irregularities speedily to eliminate the cause early on and permitting cost-efficient, condition-based maintenance.

    7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Permanent Network Monitoring as Well

    Condition-oriented maintenance thanks to monitoring of your plant network

    1. Predictive, condition-oriented maintenance

    Put an end to (needless) maintenance by schedule. Monitoring will tell you exactly where any deviations happen, and which parts require maintenance. Repairs become the exception.

    Monitoring industrial networks - correctly assessing interference reserves

    2. Correct assessment of fault reserves

    Always keep the entire condition of your plant in view to effectively avoid entering a critical fault area.

    Stable system operation thanks to permanent network monitoring

    3. Ensuring network stability

    Permanent documentation of your network load will permit precise assessment of your network condition. In contrast to cyclic random sample measurement, bottlenecks can be recognised and avoided in advance.

    Network status values at a glance

    4. All condition values at a glance

    Are all physical and logical quality values observed? How is my network doing? A look at your monitoring solution will give you all the answers you need.

    Network monitoring for industrial plants: seamless data recording

    5. Seamless condition data

    The recorded measured values make service staff aware of any deviation. All events of the last 12 months are documented to the minute for optimising cause research.

    Network monitoring: automatic alarms with notification function in case of abnormalities

    6. Relief by alarm function

    Stay flexible even if you are not actively tracking the network condition. The integrated alarm function will inform you, among other things by email, text message, OPC, when there is a need for action.

    Network monitoring: network diagnosis via remote access

    7. Save time and money – with remote diagnosis

    Faster help in emergency – where necessary, external service engineers can get an idea of the condition of your plant even before they come to site and start their work without delay upon arrival.

    Consulting: Finding the Best Monitoring Solution for Your Industrial Network!

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