Permanent Monitoring of Industrial Networks

Condition-based maintenance, early detection of disruptive factors, and much more.

Network Condition Monitoring

Why not switch to permanent network monitoring?

The automatic monitoring of conditions is already a normal process in many areas. Often, it is so much a part of our routine that no we longer register it consciously. One example is the on-board diagnostics in your car. You, the user or driver, hardly notice this as long as your car is running smoothly.

If slight errors occur, they are recorded automatically by your vehicle's diagnostic system. Then, during the next service at the latest, they can be read-out by the technician, evaluated and usually rectified without much effort. If potentially critical events or serious errors arise, the system automatically triggers a visible warning or acute disruption message. The user or driver finds out immediately that something is not right before the car breaks down.

Would you be willing to go without your car's on-board diagnostics? Absolutely not! Why then go without it in your industrial system?

Condition Monitoring für Industrie-Netzwerke

The on-board diagnostics for your industrial systems and networks

Stable and reliable operation are among the most important priorities for any industrial system. This sounds very obvious, but it can become a huge challenge. Nonetheless, most faults can be detected in their early stages – provided the system network has a diagnostic system (permanent network monitoring, or PNM).

Your entrance via your communication network of interest

PROFIBUS Monitoring: permanent network monitoring CAN / CAN Bus Monitoring: permanent network monitoring
PROFINET Monitoring: permanent network monitoring AS Interface / ASi Bus Monitoring: permanent network monitoring
Industrial Ethernet Monitoring: permanent network monitoring

More than one network type in use? Monitor the condition of your systems/networks centrally with one solution that spans network and fieldbus.

Keep an eye on all the system networks' monitoring data easily from a central point!

Fast access

What is permanent network monitoring / condition monitoring?

explanation condition monitoring for industrial networks

The seamless recording of your network's condition makes the maintenance of your plant much easier. Physical and logical system values can be recorded and evaluated similarly to selective (maintenance) measurements with simple measuring clamps. However, because the data is being recorded permanently, comprehensively, and even simultaneously at several measuring points, maintenance staff can detect irregularities early on and remove the causes in good time. This is the basis of cost-effective, condition-based maintenance.

Individual scalable monitoring solutions according to your requirements

Contrary to assumptions, permanent network monitoring (PNM) offers a great many implementation possibilities. Depending on requirements and budget, you can use one network monitoring system with the option of expansion at any time.

Even one data logger, such as the PROFINET-INspektor® NT or a PROmesh Switch with integrated diagnostics function, can be considered a monitoring solution. Any number of further data loggers can be used depending on system type, structure, and requirements. As these devices were also designed for individual use, they often have their own web-based monitoring applications. A comprehensive evaluation is possible at all times with this application, or by manually reading out the long-term data saved on the device.

Operators of complex or numerous systems can centralise and partially automatize professional condition monitoring using the network monitoring software PROmanage NT.  Besides the evaluation, analysis, and long-term storage of condition data from your fieldbuses and industrial Ethernet networks, you are automatically informed of critical events.

[...] In machines and systems without monitoring system, a reaction [...] is only possible when externally visible malfunctions occur [...] and the detection and removal of the causes takes up a lot of unnecessary time. VORTEX-Report 2019

Seven advantages of using permanent network monitoring

Condition-based maintenance thanks to monitoring of your plant network

1. Preventative, condition-based maintenance

The end of (unnecessary) maintenance according to a time schedule. Thanks to monitoring, you know exactly where anomalies are occurring and components need to be serviced. Repairs become isolated cases.

Monitoring industrial networks - correctly assessing interference reserves

2. Correctly estimate disturbance potentials

Maintain an overview of your system's entire condition at all times. This means that you can efficiently avoid entering a critical disturbance range.

Stable plant operation thanks to permanent network monitoring

3. Secure network stability

The permanent documentation of your network limit enables you to estimate precisely the network condition. In contrast to cyclical sample measurements, bottlenecks can be detected in advance and avoided.

Network status values at a glance

4. All condition values at a glance

Are all physical and logical quality values complied with? How is my network doing? A glance at your monitoring solution gives you all the answers that you require.

Network monitoring for industrial plants: seamless data recording

5. Seamless condition data

Using the recorded measured values, maintenance staff can detect every irregularity. All events of the last 12 months are documented to the minute for optimal cause analysis.

Network monitoring: automatic alarms with notification function for anomalies

6. Relief through the alarm function

Remain responsive even when you are not actively following the network condition. As soon as action is needed, the integrated alarm function contacts you by e-mail, SMS, OPC, etc.

remote diagnostics für industrial networks

7. Save time and money – thanks to remote diagnostics

Fast help in emergencies – external service technicians gain an impression of your system's condition before travelling, and can start immediately on arrival.

Practical example – BAUR Versand: Monitoring (PNM) in the industrial environment

permanent network monitoring in an industrial environment, practical example BAUR Versand

Baur Versand GmbH & Co KG Altenkunstadt
Networks used: PROFIBUS, PROFINET, ASi

"A ten-minute failure can hardly be compensated for in one day." (H. Fiedler, BAUR Versand)

System monitoring grew with the requirements

  • Sporadic disturbances and failures after commissioning the loading sorter
    → Affected upstream stations and sequences
  • On-site service call by Indu-Sol
    → Commissioning of the first PROFIBUS INspektors
  • Step-by-step expansion of the permanent network monitoring on all (new) systems
    → Currently 33 measuring and analysis devices in use
  • Introduction of the central monitoring software PROmanage® NT
    → A central overview was required of the entire condition of all networks
  • Step-by-step changeover to PROFINET-INspektors® NT
    → Function innovations simplify network monitoring and safety