Network Monitoring without Any Additional Hardware

The “fitness tracker” for Industrial Ethernet Networks with Managed Switches

Industrial Ethernet network monitoring: condition monitoring without additional hardware

Heart rate, movement indicators, and progress over time – fitness trackers have become ubiquitous in monitoring physical condition. Why is that the case? Recording and evaluating condition values in a targeted manner offers many advantages. In addition to long-term changes that would remain undetected, abnormalities can be found and countered at need.

Make gradual changes of condition visible easily

A similar situation is present in industrial networks, as condition changes happen gradually and are virtually invisible without long-term monitoring as a basis for comparison. This is why we recommend using a “fitness tracker for OT networks”. Reliability, stability, and safety are assumed as a matter of course in machine networks, but hardly ever questioned. It is all the more important to record and assess events, communication relationships, and load situations.

Evaluate your network’s performance and condition against defined quality parameters. Recognise bottlenecks and vulnerabilities and counter them at an early stage. This lets you maintain and even improve your network’s performance in the long run.

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Basic Monitoring Made Possible without Any Additional Hardware
in Ethernet-Based Industrial Networks with Managed Switches

Contrary to the usual assumption, additional monitoring hardware is not required for basic condition monitoring of Ethernet-based machine networks. The only prerequisite is that managed switches must be available already. Only one or several (manageable) industrial switches are integrated into a central network monitoring software, such as PROmanage® NT V2 to benefit from basic network monitoring.

Requirements – summary:

  • Ethernet-based machine network (Industrial Ethernet, PROFINET, etc.)
  • Network setup with (managed) industrial switches
  • Installation of the PROmanage® NT V2 monitoring software in the network
Industrial Ethernet Monitoring without Hardware - Functionality / Example SetupExample setup for basic monitoring with managed switches

Talk is silver, trying is gold: Our trial offers

Discover the advantages and implementation options of our condition monitoring software PROmanage® NT V2. Get the free demo version and try out PROmanage® NT V2 under real conditions in your plant without any obligation. (max. 2 devices or 16 ports can be integrated; for details, see download file)

Industrial Ethernet Monitoring - without additional hardware: PROmanage NT V2 Demo

What condition data can be retrieved and evaluated?

The following information is available:
(managed industrial switches, manufacturer-independent)

  • Errors
  • Discards
  • Network load in ms and s
  • Transmission speed
  • Transmission and reception errors
  • Error rate
  • Condition graph
  • Detection of new network subscribers

Additionally available parameters when using PROmesh switches:

  • Leakage current RMS/Peak
  • Quality value of connected data lines
  • 24V monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring

Optional “data collectors”, such as a PROFINET-INspektor® NT, can be integrated into your monitoring solution to retrieve additional data for specific system types (PROFIBUS, PROFINET, CAN, etc.).

The (software-based) solution: PROmanage® NT V2

Industrial Ethernet monitoring without hardware - status overview
Industrial Ethernet monitoring without hardware - recognising anomalies / event overview
Industrial Ethernet monitoring without hardware - recognising status changes

PROmanage® NT V2 enables you to evaluate, analyse, and store performance and condition data from your Industrial Ethernet networks and fieldbuses in the long-term to collect them in a central network management solution (NMS).

Flexible application options – no additional hardware required

PROmanage® NT V2 permits central condition monitoring of one or several industrial networks. Use the monitoring software:/p>

  • No additional monitoring hardware required
    Basic monitoring of Ethernet-based networks (with managed switches)
  • With decentralised data collectors (=INspektor units)
    Specific monitoring of various system types (PROFIBUS, PROFINET, etc.)
  • With specific data collectors and PROmesh switches
    Comprehensive monitoring of various system types, free combination possible

Create the basis for an efficient and condition-oriented maintenance strategy – without any major setup effort..

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