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Increase the reliability your industrial networks - our product worlds

Increase the reliability and stability of your plant operation by optimising your industrial network – by analysing the logical and physical communication of your machine networks - temporarily (network diagnostics) or permanently (network monitoring).

  • Our network diagnostic tools allow you to check the current quality of your industrial network's data traffic and troubleshoot - by yourself, easily and quickly.
  • With the help of our network monitoring solutions, you can keep a permanent eye on the condition of your networks and thus your systems. This enables you to make the transition from event-oriented maintenance to condition-based maintenance.
  • Furthermore, we provide you with all the essential infrastructure components for a strong and stable industrial network - a complete package from a central source.

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Infrastructure components

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PROnetplan V2

Easy planning of networks and bandwidth

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User software for scalable monitoring

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Mobile and stationary use

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Network measuring devices with added value - condition-based maintenance made easy

To minimize maintenance and repair costs, condition monitoring solutions and diagnostic measuring devices are increasingly being used. In order for these to fulfil their purpose, such solutions must be easy to handle and economical to use. For this reason, many of our measuring instruments can be used during plant operation or permanently integrated into the plant network. This not only avoids unnecessary maintenance shutdowns, but also allows measured values to be determined under real conditions.

In order to make maintenance-related interventions more predictable and to avoid unplanned downtimes, you can read out all important quality values manually or automatically by using the Indu-Sol diagnostic devices. With permanently installed diagnostic devices you can be informed by an integrated alarm function about possible exceeding or falling below set limit values. Thus your maintenance can become active before a visible failure or even a breakdown occurs.
Our recommendation: Rely on diagnostic and monitoring solutions already from the planning or commissioning of your plant. Thus you are able to actively prevent instead of only reacting to acute situations. Our experts are at your side during planning and implementation as well as during fault clearance.

Time savings thanks to diagnostic tools

Smart manufacturing requires "thinking devices". Therefore Indu-Sol offers not only separate diagnostic measuring devices and line testers, but also network infrastructure components with integrated diagnostics. For example our Repeater, measuring points and Industrial Switches are capable of diagnostics. When using these infrastructure components, you already receive initial information about possible error sources without the additional use of diagnostic devices. These early findings shorten the time needed to rectify faults in an emergency by valuable minutes or hours.

To always provide you with the best possible basis for your decisions, our diagnostic devices have user-friendly user interfaces. Plain-text diagnoses, colour highlighting and a clear traffic light colour principle make essential information visible at a glance - regardless of whether you are using network diagnostics or check the EMV-compliant design of machines or systems.

Thought ahead: Permanent network monitoring

In order to operate plants and industrial networks in a sustainable and secure way, a permanent network monitoring provides the right information at the right time. Find out more about the scalable solutions for permanent network monitoring. Combine diagnostic devices specifically with monitoring devices to set up your maintenance as efficiently as never before.

Smart-Sensor SIEDS

Performance monitoring through precise data acquisition and intelligent sensor technology with the multisensor

Industrie Multisensor SIEDS

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