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The IIT Network Equipment Supplier

Indu-Sol - The IIT Network Equipment Supplier

The increasing networking in the industry allows the networks of automation with those of IT to grow ever closer together. The brochure Indu-Sol - Der Netzwerkausrüster IIT shows you how to master this challenge confidently and which solutions already exist for Industrial Information Technology (IIT) today. Take a look right now!

PDF document - 15 MB, last update: 8/22/2019

PROFIBUS brochure

Profibus Brochure

PROFIBUS has proved itself in the industrial practise as a reliable and stable network. The brochure PROFIBUS – Rediscover proven technology describes the basic technological coherences in compact form and indicates important quality standards. It is also presented how they can be checked and monitored reliably. Have a look now!

PDF document - 10,1 MB, last update: 4/09/2020

PROmesh: Industrial Switches

PROmesh product range - download flyer for free

The industrial switches of the PROmesh series stand for high-quality infrastructure components that for the first time combine network performance, monitoring and diagnostics in one device. Create strong, stable networks - without additional devices. Discover the advantages of our diagnostic switches. Get a first impression in this free brochure.

PDF document - ca. 3,8 MB, last update: 12/13/2020

PROmesh P10X Product brochure

Download PROmesh P10X brochure

The managed industrial switch PROmesh P10X is a high-quality IP 67 switch that for the first time combines network diagnostics/monitoring, online line diagnostics and high-speed gigabit performance in one device - and that in harsh industrial environments. Compact, robust and can be used almost anywhere! Create strong, stable networks - without additional devices. You can get a first impression in this free brochure.

PDF document - 3,26 MB, latest update: 03/28/2022



What is the condition of our industrial networks? The VORTEX Report delivers answers: It packs the learnings from Indu-Sol's measuring activities over an entire year across all borders of technologies and countries into a single document. Have a look now!

PDF document - 6,4 MB, last update: 04/07/2021
PDF document - 5,2 MB, last update: 03/24/2020
PDF document - 7,6 MB, last update: 03/25/2019
PDF document - 3,7 MB, last update: 04/11/2018

PROFINET brochure

PROFINET brochure

PROFINET is a universal and ethernet-based communication network that can be used in all areas of automation. The brochure PROFINET – Safety for the future explains technological coherences in detail that are based on the latest valid standards and guidelines. Furthermore, it points out challengesassociated with Industry 4.0. Have a look now!

PDF document - 18,2 MB, last update: 03/27/2020

EMC brochure

Indu-Sol EMC brochure

The increasing number of variable-speed drives, combined with an increasing degree of production automation, leads to increasing loads on equipotential bonding systems in industrial plants. The brochure Optimum equipotential bonding explains how to build a stable electromagnetic compatible structure of automation systems and how interferences can be detected. Take a look now!

PDF document - 10,9 MB, last update: 6/18/2019

PROmesh P10 product brochure

PROmesh P10 - Request brochure

The PROmesh P10 is a gigabit capable industrial switch with 10 ports and integrated diagnostic functions. The special combination of high network performance and network monitoring offers the user numerous advantages. Discover the PROmesh P10. Download the brochure free of charge or read it conveniently online.

PDF document - 5.58 MB, last update: 07/29/2020