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Indu-Sol Innovations 2024

As experts in industrial networks, Indu-Sol focuses on diagnosis, optimization, monitoring, management, and equipment. We see this trade fair as an important opportunity to showcase our products, solutions, and services to a wide audience of professionals and engage in dialogue with you.

The Indu-Sol Competence Partnership
Industrial communication and network diagnostics are crucial for efficient and reliable production. Indu-Sol, one of the leading providers of solutions in this field, offers an OT network competence partnership to support plant operators and builders.

The New CM&SM System - Condition Monitoring and OT Security All-in-One
The unique Condition Monitoring & Security Management system for OT and SCADA networks in machinery and plants with PROFINET: It enables OT Security (IEC 62443-3-3), Predictive Maintenance, digitalization benefits, and the automation of recurring maintenance tasks - all in one system.

Maximum Performance in Minimal Space
For applications that require high performance, quality, and secure availability in limited space, we offer the PROmesh B8 compact - probably the smallest and most powerful managed switch in the world."

New Innovations for 2024: Current Trends and Technologies

The Indu-Sol competence partnership

SPS 2023: Indu-Sol competence fields

Industrial communication and network diagnostics is an important prerequisite for efficient and reliable production. To support plant operators and plant installers in this, Indu-Sol, one of the leading providers of solutions in this area, offers an OT network competence partnership. This partnership enables a comprehensive exchange of knowledge and optimal cooperation throughout the entire life cycle of a plant.

Indu-Sol offers customized packages, from planning and implementation, through commissioning, to cyclic retrofit phases.

The goal is to maintain the homogeneity of the fieldbus structures and to enable secure access to communication and data.

Indu-Sol sees itself as a mediator and driver to interlock processes of installers and operators more closely and to create new values.

With the OT network competence partnership, machine/plant builders, integrators as well as plant operators benefit from higher availability, OT security and quality of their plants.

To this, customized packages for productive competence partnerships are created from the following elements.

  1. Network concept / design / connection / monitoring
  2. Requirements specification - design criteria network with condition monitoring
  3. Installation OT-Security/Network management
  4. Support of suppliers / project partners / network pre-acceptance
  5. Network acceptance / verification
  6. Commissioning OT-Security/NW-Management
  7. Network monitoring incl. security
  8. Support of maintenance strategy
  • Qualification of maintenance on site
  • Remote service with Indu-Sol
  • Operation of the network by Indu-Sol

Indu-Sol offers new product categories such as SIEDS and D*Bridge as well as corresponding services to extend the offer to all plants. By automating recurring maintenance tasks, significant savings can be made in human resources and operating assets. Indu-Sol offers system solutions, specific software and service level agreements with different levels of integration into the plant operator's processes.

"The goal with our pragmatic network approach is to maintain the homogeneity of the fieldbus structures in relation to the production process fully and unchanged, while still providing completely secure access to the PROFINET communication and the smart sensor data of the fieldbus devices. We bring the data to the IIT level for interpretation and further processing without affecting the PLC." Karl-Heinz Richter, Managing Director Marketing/Sales

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The CM&SM System - Condition Monitoring & OT Safety

SPS 2023: Indu-Sol CM&SM-System

The times when fieldbuses could act as isolated systems are a thing of the past. Convergent networks and direct access to smart sensor data from machines and plants are becoming increasingly attractive.

The risk of doing nothing is now greater than the risk of deploying converged network structures on the store floor. There are now system solutions that meet the requirements of IEC 62443-3-3.

Indu-Sol, as an expert for industrial networks, network diagnostics and ~components, has developed system solutions for PROFINET networks.

These solutions include special software and service level agreements and allow flexible integration levels into the client's processes.

With the introduction of new product categories such as SIEDS (Multi Purpose Sensor) and D*Bridge, as well as services aligned to these, the offering can be extended to all systems. This enables significant savings in human resources and operational assets by automating recurring maintenance activities.

The list of requirements and how we meet them with our system is long, explains Andy Carius, Chief Technology Officer at Indu-Sol. The further development is clear: With the requirements of IEC 62443 and soon with the new machinery regulation, there will be a stronger focus on OT security of industrial communication networks in the future.

"Machine and plant manufacturers as well as plant operators need solutions and specialists or service providers with the appropriate know-how. The good news is: There is no need to reinvent the wheel here. Proven solutions are available to meet these new requirements with confidence." Andy Carius, Chief Technology Officer at Indu-Sol
SPS 2023: CMSM-Netzwerk

What is special about this system is that in recent years it has already proven its performance in terms of availability and reliable operation of networks and plants, with a particular focus on predictive maintenance. Now it can also be used for OT security in accordance with the requirements of IEC 62443-3-3 "System security requirements and security levels". The heart is the PROFINET-INspektor NT in which "2 hearts" now beat: one for condition monitoring and one for security management. This system will be known in the future as CM&SM (Condition Monitoring & Security Management System).

The CM&SM system monitors data communication for unwanted changes, uses encryption methods for secure data transmission, can segment network areas for security reasons if required, ensures continuous monitoring of data and automated alarming, and supports backup and restore of device configurations.

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Product highlights & innovations 2023

Managed Switch PROmesh B8 compact

SPS 2023: PROmesh B8 compact - smallest & most powerful managed switch

The innovative PROmesh B8 compact, probably the smallest and strongest managed switch in the world, focuses on high performance, quality and secure availability in the smallest space. It is suitable for numerous applications where space and flexibility are required, such as:

  • Space-saving installation in any control cabinet
  • Direct use in the machine, for example in robot arms, inking units of printing machines, autonomous transport systems (AGV), terminal boxes (decentralized networks) and many more
  • Safe and convenient installation in control boxes, for example in extensive systems

Managed Switch PROmesh B16

SPS 2023 Nürnberg: Managed Switch PROmesh B16

The new PROmesh B16 makes the range of managed switches even more powerful. The managed switch for industrial applications has 16 x 100 Mbit/s RJ45 ports & complements the PROmesh B family, which is characterized by compact design, high performance and quality. The PROmesh B16 is optimized for PROFINET (V 2.4) & supports Netload Class III.

"With the PROmesh B16, we can offer our customers the right managed switch for almost any size system." Tim Creutizger, Product Manager at Indu-Sol

SIEDS - Multi-function sensor for condition monitoring

SPS 2023: SIEDS - Multi-Funktionssensor für Condition Monitoring

The sensor, called SIEDS, is part of the CM&SM system (Condition Monitoring & Security Management System) and can measure ten important physical parameters that influence the availability of plants.

The SIEDS combines sensor technology, data processing and network communication in a compact and robust IP65 housing and can be used for various condition monitoring applications.

The sensor detects and analyzes environmental conditions such as temperature, pressure, humidity, air quality, acceleration and acoustics.

SPS 2023: SIEDS sensors

In addition, the SIEDS features intelligent alarm management that can be adapted to different assets in the industrial environment through the teach mode. The SIEDS is ideal for use cases where multiple physical parameters can indicate the failure of a critical asset, enabling targeted and timely maintenance.

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D*Bridge - The digitization bridge

SPS 2023: D*Bridge - Die Digitalisierungsbrücke

D*Bridge makes it possible to ensure OT security in a convergent network of different fieldbuses by exchanging only relevant data between the machines and ensuring communication to the SCADA level. In doing so, the D*Bridge automatically detects the existing fieldbuses and adapts to the network structure without requiring any configuration.

The D*Bridge digitizing bridge is available in two versions:

  • D*Bridge H for horizontal networking of fieldbuses on the store floor.
  • D*Bridge V for vertical connection to the IIT level.

With D*Bridge H, several fieldbuses can be connected to form a homogeneous-convergent OT network without having to change the network structure of the individual fieldbuses. D*Bridge V can then be used to efficiently collect smart sensor data from the store floor and make it available to the SCADA level for interpretation and further processing without affecting the PLC.  

Frank Lehmann, Head of Product Management at Indu-Sol, explains: "This eliminates the need to protect the PLCs via PN/PN couplers, which is common in practice. This saves enormous costs and makes the entire network more secure, since a single transition can naturally be much better defended." This makes OT security easier and more cost-effective to manage.

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