Early detection of network anomalies

PROFINET security monitoring & analysis

PROFINET-INspektor® NT has established itself as a measuring and diagnostic tool for permanent network monitoring. In its latest version, the INspektor® enables operators to take their first steps towards a modern network security system.

While the focus was originally on displaying the network status at any time, the INspektor®'s perspective widens now to security-related anomalys. The passive data collector is able to deliver diagnostic clues on network participants which logged on to the network during operation as well as to detect programming accesses on the PLC. In both cases, operators will be warned immediately. On the basis of the collected communication data they will be able to analyse the (occasionally unintended) attacks precisely.

Security features of PROFINET-INspektor® NT

  • Detects new and unknown devices in the network
  • Registers unauthorized programming or manipulation of the controller
  • Identifies even the smallest peak loads in resolving network loads exact to the millisecond
  • Recognizes telegram manipulation based on an increased jitter

The PROFINET-INspektor® NT is permanently integrated in the network and monitors permanently the logical telegram traffic during operation. It creates pinpoint snapshots of events like utilisation rate, speed, data throughput, telegram jitter, repeat telegrams, error telegrams, device diagnosis, device failures and stores it for later evaluation. Integrating the INspektor® in the reporting system is possible and useful for a permanent monitoring.


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