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Planning of industrial networks - consulting, conception, solutions

Powerful networks as the basis for industrial digitalisation

Whether trouble-free plant operation or connecting several plant networks and/or network levels (OT / IIT / IT) - your network forms the base for any (data) communication. So what is important when planning such a reliable industrial network?

Whether new or existing system: every network is different

Despite basic, common characteristics and functions, networks differ due to individual local requirements. For this reason, network solutions "off the shelf" must be adapted to the given applications and conditions in order to work reliably and efficiently.

As specialists for industrial communication networks, we support plant constructors and operators in planning, commissioning and operating modern industrial networks. In addition to the development of tailor-made network solutions for new plants, we offer the testing and optimisation of existing plant networks.

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In short: advantages of network planning (per user group)

Planning of industrial networks - Consulting for mechanical and plant engineering

Mechanical / plant engineering
(electrical construction)

Creating stable, cost-efficient networks


  • Designing modern, digitalized systems
  • High cost pressure (competitors + customers)

Advantages of network planning

  • Simplified commissioning (costs ↓)
  • Lower service costs (costs ↓)
    already during warranty
  • Stronger network infrastructure
    (mostly price neutral possible)
Planning of industrial networks - consulting for plant operators, focus: maintenance

Plant operator
(maintenance / availability)

Networks as basis for maximum availability


  • Long-term profitability
  • Maximize plant availability

Advantages of network planning

  • Basis for high system availability
    (more fault reserves, less error sources)
  • Reduced maintenance costs
    (plannable, targeted measures)
  • Lower or no remodeling costs
Planning of industrial networks - consulting for plant operators, focus: IT, horizontal/vertical interconnection

Plant operator
(IT / networking, horizontal + vertical)

High-performance networking from OT to IT


  • Linking single networks (interference-free)
  • Coordination of processes & components

Advantages of network planning

  • Interference-free integration of different networks (horizontal / vertical)
  • Avoid infrastructure-related bottlenecks
    (horizontal / vertical communication)
  • Lower or no remodeling costs

Independent network planning for industry & engineering

Until a few years ago, industrial plant networks in particular were operated separated from one another (cf. homogeneous networks). Due to increasing connectivity and modern monitoring solutions, this separation can only be kept up in exceptional cases. Most present industrial networks are therefore heterogeneous or convergent networks. This interconnection of modern industrial networks causes new challenges for planners and operators.

Changing criteria for network and components

The complexity of industrial networks and their requirements is already reflected in the fundamental planning of cable routes, industrial switches and other network components. Gone are the days when you could simply install network components from the same manufacturer as the used PLC. In the future, the selection of the right network infrastructure components will be primarily based on the requirements for the partial and overall network.

Specific network planning instead of expensive oversizing

In addition to the planning of highly available industrial networks, the economic efficiency of the networks plays a major role in every phase. Where generous oversizing saves time in network planning, material costs and additional maintenance efforts eliminate these savings many times over. For this reason, we are specialized in adapting industrial networks to the actual requirements on site.

Our service portfolio around industrial network planning

Network planning of industrial networks: conception and consulting

Consulting and conception

We are your network professional. Whether consulting or implementation of your sustainable industrial network: Our team of experts supports you from the planning stage, through the selection of suitable components, to the final implementation of your plant network.

Network planning of industrial networks: further education / workshop

Training / workshop on network planning

Separate networks? Upgrade to Gigabit? What to look out for when networking systems? In our network planning workshop we impart essential expert knowledge for the optimal network design in industrial environments.

  • Available on request

Network planning of industrial networks: Software for network planning

Network planning software PROnetplan V2

The design software for the simple preliminary planning of industrial networks. Determine the ideal basic structure of your next network, taking into account significant influences such as network load, line depth, cable lengths and much more.

Network planning of industrial networks: Industrial Ethernet Switches

PROmesh - Industrial switches with diagnostics

Switches are among the most important factors for a high-performance industrial network. With our diagnostic-capable managed switches, you benefit from additional features for the nodes of network-based data communication.

Network planning of industrial networks: Basic training courses PROFINET, Industrial Ethernet, EMC & Co.

Basic training courses for your industrial network

What other factors affect the availability of my industrial plant? Learn more about the technical fundamentals of your communication networks in our training courses - from PROFINET to equipotential bonding.

Your road to an optimized network

Network planning industrial networks

1 - The kick-off

Plant projects usually include a basic planning of the individual plant and the network it contains. (ACTUAL)

Network planning industrial networks - Evaluation of the target state

2 - The need for integration

The plant concept and the connected networks are checked by us. The total required network performance is calculated. (TARGET)

network planning industrial networks - concept analysis

3 - The concept analysis

Based on the ACTUAL and TARGET status, we check the existing network concept and the network components used for their suitability.

professional network planning of industrial networks

4 - The network planning

Based on all relevant requirements, network structure and components, such as switches, are coordinated with each other.

network planning industrial networks - project implementation

5 - The realization

In a final step, our experts accompany the implementation in an advisory role or provide technical measurement support during the approval process and commissioning.

Network planning criteria (excerpt)

Network specific criteria

  • Network load (cyclical / acyclical)
  • Load ratio (Broad- / Multicast)
  • Line depth
  • Active devices in the network
  • remaining free ports
  • Cable/line length
  • Equipotential bonding / EMC resistance

Application specific criteria

  • Broadcast behaviour
  • Cycle periods
  • Jitter (deviation from update time)

Other design criteria

  • Special environmental influences (IP protection classes)

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