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PROFINET-Anwenderschulung bei Indu-Sol
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Welcome to Indu-Sol – your OT competence partner for the future of industrial automation.

In today's fast-paced industrial landscape, maintenance personnel, network planners, and automation experts face significant challenges daily: ensuring operational continuity, protecting against increasing cyber threats, and ensuring efficient communication within automation networks are essential for success. Indu-Sol understands these challenges precisely and offers targeted training to counteract them.

Why further education at Indu-Sol is essential

  • Targeted competence development: Whether you need to fill knowledge gaps, deepen specific expertise, or prepare for new technologies, our training courses provide you with the necessary tools.
  • Practical learning: With a combination of theoretical foundations and practical exercises, we not only impart knowledge but also the ability to apply it directly.
  • Addressing specific challenges: From optimizing your PROFINET and PROFIBUS systems to building secure Industrial Ethernet and CANbus networks, and protecting against electromagnetic interference and cyber threats, we prepare you for the specific requirements of your industry.

Our flexible training formats

Whether you prefer direct interaction in our on-site seminars at the Indu-Sol headquarters, appreciate the convenience of online courses, or desire a tailored training directly in your company, we offer the right format for your needs. Each seminar aims to provide you and your team with the tools to maximize the performance and security of your networks.

Take the decisive step: Enhance your expertise, minimize risks, and drive the efficiency of your facilities forward. At Indu-Sol, you'll find more than just training – you'll find a partner who accompanies you on the path to the top of industrial automation.

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Official PI Training Center

Indu-Sol is certified PI Training Center

Become a specialist in the installation of PROFIBUS or PROFINET! We are an official PI Training Center and provide trainings with certified qualifications:

Training at your premises?

By your request we arrange our practice-oriented training at your company. We would be pleased to coordinate the contents and key topics with you based on your individual operational requirements.

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