AS-Interface User Training
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ASi Training

Target Group and Prerequisites

The training is structured so that all participants from the departments planning, commissioning, maintenance and service irrespective of their prior level of knowledge can be made acquainted with the subject of AS-Interface in a straightforward manner. All theoretical discourses are linked directly with practical requirements. Basic knowledge of industrial automation is recommended.

The training participation is confirmed by a certificate from Indu-Sol.

Content of the Training

  • Technical Guidelines
    AS-Interface standard Europe EN 62026-2 (former EN 50295), AS-Interface standard worldwide IEC 62026-2, Guidelines of VDI/VDE 2184, „Reliable operation and service of fieldbus systems“, Experiences of Indu-Sol in terms of a reliable data communication on a long-term basis

  • General Fundamentals
    AS-Interface in the ISO/OSI layer model, Basic information of the AS-Interface technology, Physical data transmission based on alternative pulse modulation APM, AS-Interface power supply, Possibilities of applicable fieldbus topologies, Laying guidelines, Additional system components: repeater, earth fault detector, Z-plugs, tuner
Certificate ASi Bus Training
  • Practical Quality Detection
    Functionality and handling of the measuring and diagnostic tools, Explanation of physical and logical measuring principles, Detection of quality characteristics, Analysis of measuring results – Strategy of troubleshooting, Conclusions and measures, Compiling certification and inspection criteria
  • Practical Application
    Workshop at your plant/system or Indu-Sol’s sample setup
    Metrological quality determination:
    Survey measurement of the communication quality, Evaluation and analysis measuring data, Fault analysis / troubleshooting, Measures / elimination of weak points, Remeasurement, Revaluation and reanalysis measuring data, Make up of measurement report and inspection report

AS-Interface User Training

One-day training includes

  • Comprehensive training material
  • Certificate from Indu-Sol


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