Practice-oriented User Training
CAN networks
at your premises

Content CAN Training

Objectives and Structure of the Training

Objectives and Structure of the Training

Take the opportunity to conduct practice-oriented training at your premises. Don't hesitate to ask for an appointment at your convenience.

Within one days your staff will be qualified in the theory and practice of CAN based networks.

The training participation is confirmed by a certificate from Indu-Sol.

Target Group

Employees from the departments planning, commissioning, maintenance and service

Content of the Training

General principles of CANBUS protocol
(layers 1 and 2)

  • Principles of High-frequency Data Communication
    Physical transmission principle, logical telegram structure, EMC / shield current issues, symmetrical data transfer of differential voltage signals, Signal form – quality feature of data transfer

  • Physical Data Transfer CAN (ISO/OSI layer 1)
    Signal voltages dominant/recessive, Bit times, Bus access via bitwise arbitration (CSMA/CA)
  • Logical Data Transfer CAN (ISO/OSI layer 2a)
    Telegram structure, NRZ bit coding, Bit stuffing
Certificate CAN Training
  • CANopen (ISO/OSI layer 2b and higher)
    Producer/Consumer communication method, CiA installation guidline for CAN networks, CANopen telegram structure
  • DeviceNet (ISO/OSI layer 2b and higher)
    Producer/Consumer communication method, ODVA installation guideline for DeviceNet networks, DeviceNet telegram structure, CIP common industrial protocol of DeviceNet

Metrological quality determination / Troubleshooting

  • Determining the Physical Signal-to-interference Ratio
    Quality characteristics of physical data communication, How well is the network actually?, Acceptance and test criteria

  • Procedure for Commissioning/Service – Maintenance – Repair
    Tools / measuring and test equipment for problem analysis and fault location, Explanation of physical and logical measuring principle of measuring devices

  • Practical Application
  • Workshop using Machinery/System or Indu-Sol’s Sample Set-up
  • Determining the Communication Parameters
  • Metrological Quality Determination
    Handling and using measuring and test tools, Calibrating the communication quality, Evaluating and analyzing measured data

  • The Real Problem – Sporadic Failures - „It works…It doesn’t work“
    Problem analysis, fault analysis/troubleshooting, Measures and recommendations, Evaluation and analysis of measuring results, Drafting the measuring and test record

CAN User Training

One-day training includes

  • Comprehensive training material
  • Certificate from Indu-Sol


on request

We are pleased to customize our user training regarding duration and participants. Thus the price varies. Please let us know your favored date.

We arrange training contents and points of focus individually according to your operational concerns. Contact us!


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The training can be extended by additional practical training day(s).