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Certified PROFINET Installer
Certificate course (2.5 days)

PROFINET training: Certified Installer

Being trained as Certified PROFINET Installer by Indu-Sol, your staff will gain specific expertise in commissioning and troubleshooting of PROFINET networks. This promotes an increased competitiveness of your business. During the 2.5-day training course the participants are educated theoretically and practically in PROFINET topics. Thereby, they can deepen their acquired knowledge in practice-oriented exercises. Finally, the participants have the opportunity to absolve the examination to become a Certified Installer.

The training course enables your staff to prevent mistakes in planning, installing, debugging and maintaining PROFINET networks so that the reliable functioning of your plant is ensured. The content of the training and the final examination have been certified by PROFIBUS / PROFINET International (PI). After successful completion of the 1.5 hour final test, the participants receive an official certificate as a proof of their qualification as Certified PROFINET Installer.

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Details for the "Certified PROFINET Installer" training course

Target Group

  • Specialists working in the field of PROFINET-based industrial plants, in particular:
  • Maintenance and repair personnel
  • Automation engineers
  • Service technicians
  • Fitters / commissioning engineers


  • Basic knowledge of industrial automation is recommended.

The training is structured in such a way that all participants are introduced to the topic of PROFINET in an easy and uncomplicated way.

Content of the training

  • Introduction
    The Organisation PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International),
    Overview of the PROFINET fieldbus technology
  • Transmission Methods
    Similarities and differences to classical fieldbus systems,
    ISO/OSI seven-layer model,
    Differential voltage signal / reflections,
    Voltage signals / band width / bit rate / bit coding / transmission frequency,
    Full duplex / half duplex
  • IP Address / Subnet Mask
    Network addresses: IP address, MAC address, Subnet mask,
    Calculation and usage of subnet masks
  • Characteristics of PROFINET
    Function and performance classes,
    Update time,
    Requirements of industrial network structures,
    Hardware configuration by using STEP 7,
    GSD file,
    PROFINET device change
  • EMC & Equipotential Bonding
    Symmetrical data transmission,
    Taking EMC interferences already into consideration during planning phase,
    Detecting and eliminating EMC weak points in existing installations (functionality of a shield, functionality of equipotential bonding, ways of coupling if there are disturbances)
  • Documentation
    Structure of a topology plan,
    Important parameters,
    Means of automatic determination,
    Live determination of topology on sample setup
  • Transmission Media
    PROFINET star quad,
    Alternative Ethernet cabling,
    Line categories: classification e.g. Cat5 / Cat5e, Connectors RJ45 / M12 / SCRJ,
    Assembly of RJ45 connectors incl. line test,
    Power over Ethernet,
    Advantages in using fiber optics,
    Overview of common types of fiber optics,
    Line test of fiber optics (power budget)
  • Network Components
    Basic function and characteristics of hubs,
    Basic function and characteristics of switches,
    Configurate switches by using a web interface,
    Redundancy options of switches
  • PROFINET Diagnosis
    Most important diagnosis parameters,
    Handling of diagnostic tools,
    Simulation of several error scenarios,
    Troubleshooting on sample setup


The certificate examination consists of a theoretical part (20 multiple-choice questions) and a practical part (troubleshooting and commissioning). Both parts of the exam are scheduled to take 2 hours each. The exam is conducted according to the official PI specifications.

For optimal preparation, relevant topics are repeated compactly on the day of the exam and practice exercises are set.


Each participant will receive an Indu-Sol participant certificate after completing the "Certified PROFINET Installer" training.

In addition, participants will receive an internationally recognised "Certified PROFINET Installer" certificate from PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) after successfully passing the 4-hour final examination. The acquired qualification is officially registered in the PI directory.

In case of failure, the certificate exam can be repeated within one year.

Certified PROFINET Installer

PI certified training

Certificate course in Schmoelln (Germany) included

  • Extensive training documentation
  • Participant certificate
  • PI "Certified PROFINET Installer" certificate
    (if you pass the final exam)
  • Catering during the seminar

We will be happy to recommend accommodation in Schmoelln.

Teaching language: English

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