Certified PROFINET Engineer
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Certified PROFINET Engineer training course

Objectives of the training

Being trained as Certified PROFINET Engineers by Indu-Sol, your staff will gain specific expertise in planning and projecting PROFINET networks. This promotes an increased competitiveness of your business. During the 2.5-day training course the participants are educated theoretically and practically in PROFINET topics. Thereby, they can deepen their acquired knowledge in practice-oriented exercises. Finally, the participants have the opportunity to absolve the examination to become a Certified Engineer.

The training course provides advanced technical knowledge that enables your staff in planning, commissioning and maintenance of reliable networks. The content of the training and the final examination have been certified by PROFIBUS / PROFINET International (PI). After successful completion of the final test the participants receive an official certificate as a proof of their qualification as Certified PROFINET Engineer.

PI certified training

Target Group

Employees from the departments planning, commissioning, maintenance and service. Especially planners and project engineers, manager and consultants, system integrators, programmers and hardware engineers.


Basic knowledge in theoretical and practical aspects of PROFINET required.

Content of the training

Theoretical part

  • Introduction
      The Organisation PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International),
      Overview of the PROFINET fieldbus technology
  • Communication models
      Horizontal and vertical communication,
      Short review of PROFIBUS,
      Objectives of PROFINET,
      ISO/OSI reference model in detail,
      Telegram structure,
      Function Classes, Conformance Classes,
      Performance Classes, Netload Classes,
      Device types
  • Bit transmission
      Copper connections (ISO 11801),
      Fiber optics / POF,
      Termination resistors,
      Differential voltage,
      Half/full duplex and autonegotiation
  • Data link layer
      Cut-through- and store-&-forward process,
      Media access control (MAC-adress),
      Link Layer Discovery (LLDP),
      Discovery and configuration (DCP),
      VLAN priorization according to IEEE 802.1Q
  • Network layer
      IP address and subnet mask,
      Subneting / Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR),
      Unicast / multicast / broadcast / anycast,
      Simple Network Management Protocoll (SNMP),
      Communication relationships (user data, configuration, diagnosis)
  • PROFINET diagnosis
      Discards / telegram gaps
      Error telegrams,
      Active and passive measuring,
      Troubleshooting with Wireshark,
      Automated diagnosis

Practical part

  • Planning and projecting (TIA Portal)
      First steps in projecting,
      Interface selection,
      Send Cycle, SendClockFactor, ReductionRatio,
      Refresh rate and dependencies,
      Device designation,
      Switch management,
      Device change
  • Maintenance
      PNMA II,
      PROscan® Active V2,
      PN-INspektor® NT,
      PROmanage® NT,
      Evaluation of diagnostics / GSDML
  • EMC & Equipotential Bonding
      Ways of coupling,
      Leakage current paths,
      CBN and MESH BN
Certified PROFINET Engineer Zertifikat PI Certified PeoplePI registration (Sample)


The examination includes a theoretical test (25 multiple-choice-questions) and a practical test (troubleshooting and commissioning). Each test is hold during 2 hours.


Passing the exam successfully, each participant receives an official certificate by PROFIBUS / PROFINET International (PI) and will be officially registered as Certified PROFINET Engineer (CPE). Participants who do not pass the exam, can retry it within a period of one year.

Certified PROFINET Engineer

2.5 day on-site training includes

  • Comprehensive training material
  • Official PI-Certificate "Certified PROFINET Engineer"


on request

We are pleased to customize the training course regarding duration and participants. Thus the price varies. Please let us know your favoured date.


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