Network services: Strategies for maintenance/management on the store floor

We advise, plan, project and manage your system

Network service: maintenance on the store floor

Services for productive machine networks

A team of more than 40 network specialists provides industrial companies throughout Europe with the daily support they need to meet every type of challenge in the operation of machine networks in an appropriate and targeted manner.

We advise, plan, project and manage the decisive measures for you that significantly increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), stabilize production processes and open up access to previously unattainable savings potential.

In future, the digitalization expertise in our condition monitoring systems will no longer only extend to the network itself, but also to the plant and its environment.

Below you will find the various service levels that are tailored to your needs. You will receive detailed information in an initial consultation.

The benefits for your business

  • Increase availability and performance at significantly lower costs (usually approx. 40%)
  • Save valuable time and costs when commissioning the system
  • Make your greenfield and brownfield projects "digitally ready".
  • We bring together the interests of all parties involved as early as the strategy phase. This saves conversions shortly after commissioning.

More than 1,750 service missions in a breakdown could have been avoided!

SOS deployment in the event of breakdown or downtime

In the event of massive disruptions to production processes or total breakdowns, we often find ourselves with a reactive maintenance strategy. Our SOS service rectifies the faults as quickly as possible.

With a change of strategy to proactive condition monitoring and predictive maintenance you will save:

  • 90 % of all downtimes
  • 2.3 working days on average until the system is running stably again
  • Indirect maintenance costs of €30,000 / hour on average due to material loss, lost profits, etc.
PowerUp Service - Evaluating the network quality

Our service technicians carry out comprehensive inspections of the system status at network level, record the system status during an inspection and assess the network quality.

We recommend monitoring, as this prevents you from

  • Stress during troubleshooting and thus the necessary support
  • Personnel costs and delays in production due to system downtime
  • Uncertain system availability and therefore pressure from superiors
  • Preventive maintenance is damage repair but a waste of resources
CareUp Service - Network analysis and management

Our network experts work with the maintenance department to develop a maintenance offer based on the requirements and analysis of the results of the PowerUp service.

You receive recommendations for action and regular updates:

  • For predictive and proactive maintenance of machines and systems
  • With regard to current and historical data to identify the right time for necessary measures
  • To detect 90% of failures in advance and process them in a structured manner
Which maintenance strategy?

Digitalization and OT/IT integration are changing everything

The increasing digitalization of the field level is resulting in serious changes within traditional job profiles. New job profiles are emerging. In addition to production planning and control, maintenance is also heavily affected by this. The integration of OT and IT in particular means that new specialists are needed who are familiar with the needs of both spheres. Nevertheless, traditional maintenance must continue to guarantee the availability of systems in a structured and highly reliable manner.

The traditional OT organization is reaching its limits not only in terms of content, but above all in terms of personnel. The new goal is to automate the core process and recurring maintenance activities economically and efficiently.
The three network services described below, in combination with our system know-how at the level of condition monitoring management systems and predictive maintenance, offer a massive economic contribution, depending on the depth of integration into the customer's processes.

SmartUp Service - network monitoring

We develop the measures for optimization and create the timetables for implementation. On request, we can accompany the measures through to final implementation.

Taking over the network monitoring of defined systems/networks:

  • Creation of a catalog of measures in the event of technical anomalies
  • Checking and adjusting the threshold values for the alarm management of the Indu-Sol hardware and software
  • Database maintenance by Indu-Sol GmbH
  • Software for defined networks
EmpowerUp Service - network protection

The system status at network level is examined. The system status is recorded during an inspection and the network quality is assessed. The services and benefits are based on the SmartUp service.

Takeover of network monitoring + safeguarding measures for network-related systems:

  • Database maintenance of the defined networks by the Indu-Sol software
  • Implementation of the planned measures to ensure system availability
  • IIT/OT network service
ManageUp Service - network support

The service includes comprehensive examinations of the system status at network level, an inspection of the system and an assessment of the network quality. The services are based on the SmartUp service.

Takeover of network support + network management of network-related systems:

  • Implementation of planned measures to ensure system availability
  • Stocking of spare parts
  • 24/7 availability and readiness

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Your specialist for condition monitoring and the digitalization of modern and resilient industrial networks that fit your requirements.

I support you in reducing downtimes, identifying and eliminating current irregularities, improving your plant availability and uniting the various interests of maintenance, production management, operations management and corporate management with the right diagnostic services for you.