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Intelligent measuring point for online analysis

PROFINET communication quality monitoring

A permanent analysis of the network status is essential to ensure the PROFINET communication clocked in real time or to overview the amount of extrinsic communication (e.g. Ethernet by camera systems and displays).

Permanent PROFINET communikation monitoringIntegration of the PROFINET-INspektor® NT in the PROFINET network

The PROFINET-INspektor® NT is permanently integrated in the network and monitors permanently the logical telegram traffic during operation. The operator is acquainted with the current network status anytime and is able to take suitable action, before faults occur and the production comes to a halt.

New features of PROFINET-INspektor® NT

Firmware upgrade to version 2.1 made possible:

  • Plain text PROFINET alarm evaluation via GSDML
  • OPC UA Server can be activated

Proven features

  • Acceptance according to the PROFINET Design Guideline and Commissioning Guideline of PROFIBUS & PROFINET International
    Independent analysis and evaluation of PROFINET real-time communication
  • Topology determination incl. asset management
    Detailed description and presentation of the PROFINET network
  • Complete acceptance report with all relevant event information
  • Representation of the switches PROmesh P9/P20
    Display of status-relevant port statistics and leakage currents
  • Self-learning threshold values - Threshold values are automatically determined for alarming after the acceptance test
  • Touch display that shows errors directly
  • Jitter statistics for all devices
  • Option to carry out active or passive network diagnosis
  • Uninterrupted monitoring, even at high net load
  • Synchronisation via time server
PROFINET-INspektor® NT - Overview and chronicleOverview and chronicle

Security features of PROFINET-INspektor® NT

  • Detects new and unknown devices in the network
  • Registers unauthorized programming or manipulation of the controller
  • Identifies even the smallest peak loads in resolving network loads exact to the millisecond
  • Recognizes telegram manipulation based on an increased jitter

The PROFINET-INspektor® as a silent observer creates pinpoint snapshots of events like utilisation rate, speed, data throughput, telegram jitter, repeat telegrams, error telegrams, device diagnosis, device failures and stores it for later evaluation. Thanks to a hardware-integrated web server the network status can be displayed without additional software on any PC, via internet browser. The collected network data are the basis for a preventive maintenance.

The software supports you in PROFINET monitoring

The central monitoring software

PROmanage® NT

The central monitoring software

Product details

Product Details

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Delivery concept for PROFINET monitoring

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PROFINET Guidelines

This product meets important requirements of the PROFINET Design Guideline and Commissioning Guideline of PROFIBUS & PROFINET International. Read more about further criteria and products!

Diagnostic Tool

The PROFINET-INspektor® NT is also appropriate for a temporary usage and thus the suitable tool for analysis and inspection of new PROFINET installations.

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