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PROFINET TAP - measuring point iPNMA

The intelligent PROFINET test access point iPNMA combines the functions of a PROFINET measuring point with a simple PROFINET network analysis.

The iPNMA monitors up to 256 participants and determines the important PROFINET quality values. The recorded data are interrogated with the help of the software PROmanage® NT and processed for the evaluation in a comprehensible manner.

An analysis tool (e.g. PROFINET-INspektor® NT or Laptop) can be connected completely reactionless to the two monitor jacks for a more thorough network analysis or troubleshooting.

Quality parameters

  • Telegram jitter
  • Telegram gaps
  • Telegram overtakes
  • Netload
  • Update rate
  • Device diagnostics
  • Device failures / restarts
  • Error telegrams
Integration PROFINET measuring point iPNMAIntegration of the iPNMA measurement point in the PROFINET network and evaluation of the data via PROmanage® NT

Highlights PROFINET measuring point iPNMA

  • Monitoring all important PROFINET quality values
  • Reactionless measurement point
  • Compact design
  • In case of a power supply failure, the PROFINET communication remains intact
  • Power supply of additional analytic tools via the UOUT (24 V DC) connector

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