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PROFINET measuring point PNMA II

The PNMA II provides nonreactive access for telegram recording in the PROFINET and other Ethernet-based networks during running production.

Highlights PROFINET measuring point PNMA II

  • If connecting a PROFINET-INspektor® NT via a PNMA II, only two additional patch cables are needed (no crossover cable required).
  • In case of a power supply failure the PROFINET communication via the PNMA II remains intact.
  • Power supply of additional analytic tools via the UOUT (24VDC) connector
  • PNMX IP 67 for rough production environments


Analysis tools (e.g. PN-INspektor® NT or laptop) can be connected nonreactive to the two monitor jacks to monitor both communication directions simultaneously. For evaluation of the
measurement results the telegrams from both communication
directions can be overlaid. The PNMA II / PNMX does not discard
error telegrams. Instead, it forwards them.


  • Monitoring of all protocols
  • Supports all packet sizes
  • No packet loss
  • All connection ports on the front panel
  • No additional effort to connect a measuring device
  • Tested interaction with the PROFINET-INspektor® NT
  • No free switch port necessary
  • Bi-directional data transmission up to 100 Mbps
  • No network interruption when connecting diagnostic tools
Integration PNMA & PNMXIntegration of the PNMA II measuring point (also PNMX) in the PROFINET network

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