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PROFINET Guidelines

Design Guideline and Commissioning Guideline

PROFINET Guidelines

The international umbrella organization (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) published a new issue of its PROFINET Design Guideline and Commissioning Guideline. This includes important parameters regarding network planning and structuring (Guideline Guideline) as well as new criteria for acceptance test e.g. topology (line depth), number of discards and netload measurement (Commissioning Guideline).

PROFINET Design Guideline

(Version 1.14 | Dec. 14)

The PROFINET Design Guideline includes important parameters that have to take into account while planning your PROFINET network.

Some important parameters:

  • PROFINET topology
  • Line depth
  • Cyclical realtime netload
  • Planning of access points
    for network diagnosis

Parameters Overview (PDF)

PROFINET Commissioning Guideline

(Version 1.36 | Dec. 14)

The PROFINET Commissioning Guideline initially determines important commissioning criteria to ensure a stable network.

Some important criteria:

  • Check of cabling and topology
  • Discards / Error frames
  • PROFINET communication monitoring
  • Netload
  • Jitter

Criteria Overview (PDF)

PROFINET Assembly Guideline

(Version 1.0 | Jan. 09)

The PROFINET Assembly Guideline by the PI includes important criteria and advices regarding PROFINET cabling that have to take into account for an appropriate installation.

These products meet the requirements of the PROFINET Guidelines



Planning the network load before construction

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PROFINET-INspektor<sup>®</sup> NT


Intelligent measuring point for online analysis

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PROFINET Diagnostic Set

PROFINET Diagnostic Set

For acceptance test, maintenance and troubleshooting

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