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News in February: Keep a clear view in the field with switch PROmesh

News in February: Keep a clear view in the field with switch PROmesh

Keep a clear view in the field - Discover the new PROmesh P9

The commissioning of PROFINET and Ethernet networks often poses challenges to technical staff. The lucky one's can rely on intelligent components such as the new managed Switch PROmesh P9!

Besides the full PROFINET performance, all relevant network diagnosis parameters are displayed in a clear graphical overview. The switch has both a compact size for control cabinet and the required robustness for use inindustrial environment. The shield currents on data lines are detected by the leakage current monitoring.

The PROmesh P9 as the key element of networks ensures a stable production process. Read more

Intelligent networking of the latest generation

Network condition is immediately apparent: The clear web interface of the PROmesh P9 shows port allocation and status at a glance.

The PROmesh P9 can also be used in environments with strong electromagnetic fields. Keep an eye on the shield current level with the integrated leakage current monitoring and thereby fulfil the requirements of the PI Guideline "Functional Earthing and Shielding of PROFIBUS and PROFINET " (Version 0.63 | Sept. 17). More

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Comprehensive detection of your network

Switches are essential components in every PROFINET or Ethernet network. Various topologies can be created. That‘s why they are used frequently in networks – so it is important to keep track!

Topology software PROscan® Active V2 - For plant certification and commisioning

Network monitoring software PROmanage® NT - Comfortable monitoring during running operation