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Video on PROFIBUS analysis

Video on PROFIBUS analysis

Quality check and feedback-free, fully automated topology scan in one device

Many PROFIBUS networks have been in use for many years and have to keep working trouble-free for a long time to come. An important basis for this is smooth communication between devices, machines and systems. But, once acceptance test and commissioning are history, quality check is frequently neglected.

With the PROFIBUS tester PB-QONE by Indu-Sol, the physical condition and communication of the bus can be fully evaluated within seconds. Users who are troubleshooting can thus quickly determine whether the cause is in the bus itself, and if yes, exactly where it is. In particular when a device has to be located, a new, exclusive feature of the PB-QONE can help: It determines the PROFIBUS topology fully automatically and completely feedback-free during running production!

Operating the measurement and diagnostic device is easy and intuitive, so even users without much knowledge of fieldbus technology can quickly find their way. From now on, working your way through endless confusing tables and diagrams is a thing of the past. To see how this works, take a look at the video that follows!

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