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The latest VORTEX report 2022 is available

The latest VORTEX report 2022 is available

Measuring deployment report shows: continuity in production requires change in service

In Indu-Sol's new VORTEX Report 2022, it becomes clear that the advancing digitalization in industry, the increasing networking of machines and systems and the greater need for remote support in the recent, pandemic past are changing service demands in the manufacturing sector. Conceptual consulting, cross-network integration of communication systems and continuous remote support beyond a specific project are now in high demand at Indu-Sol.

More than 400 measuring deployments on behalf of customers in the past calendar year provide the insight that it requires foresight to plan automation networks and select the associated infrastructure components. This avoids expensive, time-consuming retrofits after only a few years and enables effective cooperation with related areas of the respective company.

As beneficial as the increasing intelligence of network infrastructure components and the digitalization of automation processes are - after all, they provide valuable data as a basis for process optimization and maintenance - this must be carefully considered already during network planning in order to realize the potential of this treasure. The measures that can be taken to achieve this goal and the simple pitfalls that should be avoided are summarized compactly in the VORTEX Report 2022.