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VORTEX Report 2023 published

VORTEX Report 2023 published

In the new VORTEX Report 2023 of Indu-Sol it is made clear that industrial production companies are increasingly focussing on the critical assets of machinery and systems. Above all, they are also increasingly considering their communication networks from the asset management perspective. Network experts speak of a greater awareness of increasing system availability, among other things to increase the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), because the pressure of supply bottlenecks, price increases and the lack of skilled personnel has hardly reduced. Consequently, Indu-Sol implemented particularly frequent, more deeply integrated industrial consulting, planning and monitoring services and designed individual operator models between field and control level.

Indu-Sol has now been issuing the VORTEX Report study for eight years, based on its measuring visits on behalf of customers, which remain on a consistently high level. More than 380 measuring visits in the last calendar year show that the advancing digitalisation in industry and increasing networking of machines and system requires know-how and individual service. Not only during the planning, but in the whole life cycle of a system, farsightedness, selection of the suitable infrastructure and condition monitoring are required to avoid expensive, time-consuming retrofits after a few years and to use resources efficiently through proactive maintenance. In the VORTEX Report 2023, the network experts explain with which measures the achievement of these goals can be facilitated and which banal reasons, such as broken connectors and cables, lead to substantial downtime costs.

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Author: Denise Fritzsche, Indu-Sol GmbH