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News in December: Tuning for your PROFIBUS

News in December: Tuning for your PROFIBUS

Tuning for your PROFIBUS - Durability due to modernisation

You would like to own a powerful car, but don‘t want to buy a new one? Why not tune your engine? Several components are replaced to ensure higher performance.

According to this principle you can do it with PROFIBUS: The repeaters of the MULTIrep family are intelligent infrastructure components of the latest generation and provide an automated disturbance suppression. Therefore they make a stable and reliable bus communication from the first telegram possible!

New repeater principle: automated disturbance suppression

Different from traditional repeaters the MULTIreps release only one send direction for the channel, whose devices send next according to the typical PROFIBUS send cycle.

If there is signal noise in another segment (e.g. due to a cable break), that is misinterpreted, the MULTIreps do not transfer it. Communication interferences (e.g. telegram collisions) are prevented automatically and the respective segments are marked. .

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Robust PROFIBUS structure: small segments, great benefit

The compact multiple repeaters of the MULTIrep family are used to structure your PROFIBUS into two, five or seven galvanically isolated segments. If disturbances occur only the faulty segment, not the whole network is affected. The PG interfaces at the 9-pin SUB-D connectors can used as measuring point.

Replace your existing repeaters and start the year with modern infrastructure!

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