• Measuring Points
  • Connectors with Screw Terminal
  • Connectors with Insulation Piercing Terminal
  • Connector M12
  • INBLOX® Modular Repeater with diagnostic feature
  • Repeater
  • Fiber optics converters
  • Industrial Wireless System BLUambas® PROFIBUS
  • Cables & Lines
  • Connecting Elements

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PROFIBUS Components

PROFIBUS brochure Indu-Sol GmbH

Take a look in our brochure and get an overview of the wide range of infrastructure components for your PROFIBUS network.


PROFIBUS DPMonitors the logical data exchange


Monitors the logical data exchange

Product details
PROFIBUS DPAll the essential diagnostic tools in one set

PROFIBUS Diagnostic Set

All the essential diagnostic tools in one set

Product details