PROFIBUS Diagnostics: Products and Solutions

35 years of PROFIBUS technology: Efficiency and precision in maintenance with Indu-Sol

This year, PROFIBUS technology celebrates its 35th anniversary. Indu-Sol supports maintenance engineers with a wide range of diagnostic tools to ensure the optimal functioning of networks and minimize downtimes.

In addition to our specialized test kits for PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS PA, we also offer stand-alone devices such as the PROFIBUS-INspektor® NT, the PROFIBUS tester PB-Q ONE and the PROFtest II XL. These instruments enable precise analysis of time-critical communication processes and help to identify potential problems at an early stage. Our tools cover both cyclic and acyclic data communication and provide advanced features for parameter setting and fault diagnosis. This leads to a significant increase in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and thus increases productivity.

PROFIBUS DPAll the essential diagnostic tools in one set

PROFIBUS Diagnostic Set

All the essential diagnostic tools in one set

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The right tools for online & offline analysis in a set


The right tools for online & offline analysis in a set

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PROFIBUS DPMonitors the logical data exchange


Monitors the logical data exchange

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PROFIBUS DP + PAPrecise measurement results in seconds


Precise measurement results in seconds

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PROFIBUS DPFor reliable cable test in PROFIBUS


For reliable cable test in PROFIBUS

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PROFIBUS Diagnosis: Products by area of usage


Cable test

Signal quality

Physical quality inspection


Logical quality inspection

External interferences

Measuring of potential equalisation and shield currents

Our recommendation

With the new PROFIBUS tester, you can get your measurement result in seconds - clear, uncomplicated and reliable.

PB-Q ONE application

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Measuring external interferences

Check your system on shield currents and an optimised equipotential bonding.

PROFIBUS brochure

PROFIBUS brochure Indu-Sol GmbH

Basics and coherences of the proven technology in compact form as well as tips to latest valid standards and guidelines

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