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Network Monitoring with PROFIBUS-INspektor® NT and PROmanage® NT

Maintenance engineers and commissioning engineers are regularly faced with the challenge of ensuring the reliability and efficiency of industrial networks in order to avoid unplanned plant downtimes and cost-intensive downtimes. The PROFIBUS-INspektor® NT helps to minimize these risks by continuously monitoring the quality of the logical data exchange and detecting critical anomalies at an early stage. The device generates precise alarm messages when critical thresholds are reached, enabling fast response times. Under the motto "software monitors hardware", this technology makes the work of commissioning engineers considerably easier by saving valuable working time and at the same time reducing the need for manual intervention.

The PROmanage® NT software provides a centralized management solution that is particularly beneficial when using multiple inspectors. It enables network performance to be monitored and controlled from a single source, improving the efficiency and clarity of network diagnostics and maintenance. These solutions help to systematically manage planned plant downtimes and ensure the continuity of operations. This results in significant financial and time savings. 

PROFIBUS DPMonitors the logical data exchange


Monitors the logical data exchange

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The central monitoring software

PROmanage® NT

The central monitoring software

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