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News in June: The switch as a detective of causes

News in June: The switch as a detective of causes

Identify error sources

The analysis of the "Field Service Excellence" work group initiated by PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) and also service calls at Indu-Sol confirm that cables, plugs and EMC are the most frequent error source in industrial networks (see Vortex Report 2019, p. 8/9).

Due to a high-performance infrastructure, including onboard diagnosis, these error sources can be detected precisely and preventively. Therefore selecting the right infrastructure is a prerequisite for high machine availability.

The Ethernet/PROFINET Switch PROmesh reveals faults

For troubleshooting the PROmesh switches provide precise starting points for cause analysis – You will save precious time, money, a lot of stress and there is no need of additional measuring tools!

Network status immediately obvious: The intuitively usable web interface of PROmesh P9 and P20 shows port assignment and port status at a glance. The integrated leakage current monitoring allows a continuous overview of the current EMC status.

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