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Reliable detection of interference sources

Reliable detection of interference sources

Making the right decisions -
Detecting hidden sources of interference

Sporadic and non-reproducible events have many different causes. This increases doubts and makes your decision harder.

The solution is to decide for the analysis of your equipotential bonding!

We recommend intelligent EMC measuring tools for current tests that provide:

  • AI-based long-term monitoring of your equipotential bonding
  • understanding of EMC correlations without additional hardware or software
  • identification of sporadic EMC disturbances
  • an integrated frequency analysis and data recording
  • a simple fault analysis by corresponding software

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Data conductor | Equipotential bonding conductor | Motor cable | 24V power supply

The smart current clamp that learns: EMCheck® ISMZ I

  • autonomous anomaly detection (due to AI-based learning function)
  • 14-day data recording
  • automated detection of the effective value (RMS), peak value and frequency range

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The 4-in-1 innovation for EMC professionals EMV-INspektor® V2

  • measure up to 4 measuring points simultaneously
  • detect and understand fault correlations
  • integrated recording and alert feature
  • comfortable evaluation on your PC

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