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Reference Report: Optimization of Glass Wool Production through Retrofit

Reference Report: Optimization of Glass Wool Production through Retrofit

In modern industry, it is crucial that automated systems work reliably and efficiently. However, after many years of use, many systems require updating in order to maintain their performance. A retrofit involves replacing defective components and updating machines to increase their effectiveness. The adaptation of the communication network also plays an important role. A major manufacturer of glass wool has embarked on this path together with HMR Automatisierung and Indu-Sol.

HMR Automatisierung und Prozesstechnik GmbH specializes in the implementation of automation projects in various industries, while Indu-Sol offers expertise in industrial communication and network technology. Together, they overhauled the communication network of an insulation manufacturer at the end of 2023. Translated with (free version)

Early fault detection

Before the retrofit, the manufacturer's system had problems in one of the network rings. Dino Kovacic, Head of IT at HMR, explains that intelligent switches were used to closely monitor network communication in order to identify the causes of failures. Before the retrofit, the exact cause could not be determined as it did not occur permanently. The network modernization should therefore help to identify potential errors at an early stage and enable simple maintenance measures.

Improved diagnostics with PROmesh switches from Indu-Sol

The use of diagnostic industrial switches from Indu-Sol in conjunction with the PROmanage® NT analysis software makes it possible to identify the causes of failures based on precise records of network communication. This information helps to operate the network more stably and avoid unexpected failures.

The PROmanage® NT software simplifies network analysis and provides a clear presentation of diagnostic data. Thanks to its intuitive usability, the automation experts were able to work with it quickly and identify errors in the network efficiently.

HMR is impressed by the performance of the PROmesh switches and recommends them to others. The products deliver what they promise and offer an excellent price-performance ratio. They are also certified for international use and support Ethernet IP and Profinet.