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For a Phoenix bus module, the message "ChannelErrorType: 0x0100" is occasionally output in the PROFINET INspektor. What does this mean?

The PROFINET-INspektor NT always evaluates diagnostic messages that are transmitted via the telegram traffic, which in your case corresponds to the message "ChannelErrorType: 0x0100".

In order to be able to convert this message into a plain text diagnosis, it is possible in the PROFINET INspektor NT from version V2.1 to import the GSDML files of the installed devices or predefined GSDML libraries so that unambiguous messages can be output in the PROFINET INspektor NT.

Note: You can download the current firmware version free of charge at any time in the "Support" > "Downloads" > "Software" area. Alternatively, we offer a one-time or regular update service for single or all Indu-Sol monitoring products installed in your company.

Furthermore, we recommend importing the GSDML file of the affected Phoenix device into the GSDML library of the PROFINET-INspektor via the configuration area > System > GSDML management. Afterwards, a plain text diagnosis should be possible.

If these measures do not lead to success, you can also send us the recorded alarms of the inspector together with a topology. This will enable our experts to draw conclusions about the cause, if necessary. You can download the data in the INspektor in the menu "Alarms" -> Download as .zip.


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