Industrial Ethernet User Training
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Industrial Ethernet Schulung

Target Group and and Prerequisites

The Ethernet seminar is addressed on beginners as well as intermediate members in the domain of planning, commissioning, maintenance and service. The training is structured so that all participants become acquainted with the subject of Ethernet in a straightforward manner. Basic knowledge of industrial automation is recommended.

Your training participation is confirmed by a certificate from Indu-Sol.

Content of the training

  • The Common Physical Basis
    Symmetrical data transfer/differential voltage signal
  • Physical Elements of Ethernet
    Voltage signals/bandwidth/bit rate/bit coding/transmission frequency full duplex/half duplex, Network types: starting from 10Base-2 (coax) through to 100Base-TX/FX, Network structures: line / star / ring, Network addresses: MAC address, IP address, subnet mask, Fundamentals of network design, Cable types: coax / twisted pair / fibre optics, Cable categories: classification, e.g. Cat5e / ClassD, Plug-type connector and wiring diagrams: RJ45 / M12 / BFOC ST / SC, EMC and shield current issues according to EN 50310
  • Logical Elements of Ethernet
    Ethernet in ISO/OSI reference model, Ethernet telegram structure, Ethernet protocols: H1 (Siemens), IP, TCP/UDP, FTP, PROFInet, MAC, Active network components: hub, switch, router
Certificate Ethernet Training
  • Measuring Devices/Measuring Principles/Measuring Techniques/Diagnosis Theory and Demonstration by Sample Setup
    Diagnosis through standard commands: ping, arp, tracert, The switch as most essential location for network monitoring and troubleshooting, Managing switches: Port statistics, log files, traps, port mirroring, Cable test using „PROlinetest,“, drafting a measuring record acc. to Cat. 5e, Telegram recordings using Wireshark, Manufacturer-independent long-term network monitoring using PROmanage®, Manufacturer-independent network scanner PROscan® Active
  • Acceptance Conditions/Specifications
    Manufacturer-independent minimum requirements for network planning, installation and testing, Additional requirements for PROFINET networks
  • Network Security
    Basic threat scenarios: viruses, worms, unauthorized access
  • Network Installation
    The seminar participants build up a network. They can incorporate their own laptops, PC or programming devices (Windows user interface), Installation of cables and plug connectors between PC and switch, Drafting a cable test record acc. to Cat. 5e
  • Network Commissioning
    Assigning IP addresses, sub-net marks and gateway, Network commissioning, Control of network function by standard commands, such as ping and arp, Installation errors and how to localize them
  • Network Monitoring/Telegram Traffic
    Discussing and simulating actions in the network and verification of the same via the telegram monitor Wireshark, Simulating network loads and errors, Identifying suitable measuring points for telegram recordings
  • Switch Management and Verification of Impacts on Network
    Port mirroring, Blocking the telegram traffic, Failure of network connections and reconfiguration via Spanning Tree, Trunking, VLAN, AutoPartitioning, port statistics, Short-term network monitoring/creating fault messages
  • Long-term Network Monitoring
    Scanning of network structure using PROscan® Active, Network monitoring by PROmanage® using SNMP

Ethernet User Training

2-day on-site training includes

  • Comprehensive training material
  • Certificate from Indu-Sol


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