Product Training for Staff and Users

Perfecting device handling. Take full potential.

Product training Indu-Sol products - Equipment instruction

We would like to give you a good insight into the functionalities and way of handling of our Indu-Sol diagnostic tools and our Indu-Sol-Software. Our target is to make sure that you will be able to work safely in all classic fieldbus systems and industrial networks right from the very first moment. Within approx. two hours, your staff will learn how to immediately step into a production-safe working mode. They will also get the opportunity to ask individual questions. And there will also be the possilility to discuss first measurement results in a further common session.

Master your Indu-Sol device or perfect the operation of your Indu-Sol solution.

Any Questions? Booking?

  • Conny Pampel-Brackenhoff

    Conny Pampel-Brackenhoff

    Organisational matters

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Who should attend?

  • Users of Indu-Sol products and software
  • Recommended for professionals in the fields of planning, commissioning, maintenance, repair and service of industrial plant and machine networks

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us directly - by phone or e-mail.

Overview at a glance

  • Mondays, 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. (or by arrangement)
  • Location: at your PC
  • Requirements:
    • computer with active internet connection
    • headset or mircophone and speakers
    • webcam (optional)

Register now and exploit your potentials

  • Art. No: 220040005
  • Price per Training: 261,10 EUR (net)

How to get registered?

For registration or more information, please get in touch with your contact person (see box above) or send us the contact form.

First steps with Indu-Sol devices and software

For the following products and solutions we regularly offer device briefings and product training for users:

Indu-Sol Produktschulung /Geräteeinweisung - PROmanage NZ

PROmanage® NT V2

Indu-Sol Produktschulung /Geräteeinweisung - PROnetplan

PROnetplan V2

Indu-Sol Produktschulung /Geräteeinweisung - PROscan Active V2

PROscan® Active V2

Indu-Sol Produktschulung /Geräteeinweisung - PROmesh P10

PROmesh P10

Indu-Sol Produktschulung /Geräteeinweisung - PROmesh P10X

PROmesh P10X

Indu-Sol Produktschulung /Geräteeinweisung - PROmesh P9

PROmesh P9

Indu-Sol Produktschulung /Geräteeinweisung - PROmesh P20

PROmesh P20

Indu-Sol Produktschulung /Geräteeinweisung - PROFINET-INspektor® NT


Indu-Sol Produktschulung /Geräteeinweisung - PROlinetest


Indu-Sol Produktschulung /Geräteeinweisung - ETHERtest V5

ETHERtest V5

Indu-Sol Produktschulung /Geräteeinweisung - PB-Q ONE


Indu-Sol Produktschulung /Geräteeinweisung - PROFIBUS INspektor NT


Indu-Sol Produktschulung /Geräteeinweisung - MULTIrep X2 / X5 / X7

MULTIrep X2 / X5 / X7

Indu-Sol Produktschulung /Geräteeinweisung - PROFtest II


Indu-Sol Produktschulung /Geräteeinweisung - EMCheck LSMZ 1

EmCheck® LSMZ I

Indu-Sol Produktschulung /Geräteeinweisung - EMCheck MWMZ 1

EmCheck® MWMZ II

Indu-Sol Produktschulung /Geräteeinweisung - EmCheck ISMZ 1

EmCheck® ISMZ I

Indu-Sol Produktschulung /Geräteeinweisung - EMV-INspektor NT

EMV-INspektor® NT

Indu-Sol Produktschulung /Geräteeinweisung - EmClots®


Indu-Sol Produktschulung /Geräteeinweisung - ASi View

ASi View

Indu-Sol Produktschulung /Geräteeinweisung - CANBUSview XL