PROFIBUS User Training
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Content PROFIBUS training

Objectives of the training

Take the opportunity to conduct practice-oriented training at your premises. Don't hesitate to ask for an appointment at your convenience.

Within 2.5 days you will be qualified in the theory and practice of PROFIBUS DP. Optionally, the training can be extended by additional practical training day(s).

The content of the training is structured so that all participants from the departments planning, commissioning, maintenance and service irrespective of their prior level of knowledge can be made acquainted with the subject in a straightforward manner. All theoretical discourses are linked directly with practical requirements.

Target Group

Employees from the departments planning, commissioning, maintenance and service.


The training is structured so that all participants become acquainted with the subject of PROFIBUS in a straightforward manner. Basic knowledge of industrial automation is recommended.


  • Introduction
    PI / PNO – common basis of our teamwork, Fieldbus – logical development of the automation technology, Joint project PROcessFIeldBUS, ISO/OSI (Open Systems Interconnection – reference model)
  • Technical Guidelines
    Laying and installation standards according to IEC 61158, IEC 61784, Guidelines and recommendations of the PROFIBUS User Organisation (PNO), VDI/VDE 2184 Guidelines "Reliable operation and maintenance of fieldbus systems"
  • Theoretical Basics
    Principle of physical transmission (physical layer), RS 485 PROFIBUS DP and IEC 1158-2 PROFIBUS PA, Communication in PROFIBUS – the master-slave principle, Logical data communication: Protocol structure, backup mechanisms, sequence of cyclical and acyclical data communication
  • EMC & Equipotential Bonding
    Taking EMC interferences already into consideration during planning phase, Detecting and eliminating EMC weak points in existing installations (functionality of a shield, functionality of equipotential bonding, ways of coupling if there are disturbances)
  • Installation and Assembly
    Topology – the basis of an optimal data communication, Guidelines for correct wiring, Typical sources of errors and their impacts, Infrastructure components: Handling, function and correct location (in PROFIBUS DP: Repeater / diagnostic repeater, DP/DP couplers, OLM, OBT), Practical part: Independently building of a fully operative PROFIBUS master system with minimum 2 segments
  • Commissioning, Service and Maintenance (practically on the sample setup)
    Checking the cable parameters of the PROFIBUS master system in both segments, Recording and evaluating the physical signal quality of the master system at all required measuring points, Recording and evaluating the logical transmission quality based on a clear illustration (traffic light colours) by diagnostic tools, Fault analysis / troubleshooting and measures for eliminating weak points, Creating a measurement report, Working out strategies for troubleshooting, Suggestions how to work out certification criteria
  • Documentation
    Creating measurement and certification reports incl. topology plan
Indu-Sol PROFIBUS Certificate

General Remarks

Your training participation is confirmed by an Indu-Sol certificate.

PROFIBUS User Training

2 day training in Schmoelln/Germany includes

  • Comprehensive training material
  • Catering during training
  • Certificate from Indu-Sol

Teaching language: English


1330,00 € per participant


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    • Stephan Fischer

      Stephan Fischer


Training also possible with Certified Installer qualification!

3 day training | 1845,00 € per participant

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