Stabilize systems and promote digitalization processes with industrial switches -  discover switch-based solutions that easily meet your system and data availability requirements.

Industrial switches are one of the underestimated key components of any plant network - and not just because of their function as a hub for network data. Thanks to their central integration, modern switches can simplify your maintenance and data-supported business processes.

Use your full network potential - without additional hardware. We'll show you what's possible. Arrange a free info call now!

Industrial Switch: PROmesh kennenlernen - Leitungsdiagnose

No more total failures due to cable defects

Monitor the condition and wear of data lines during operation - without the need for personnel.

Industrial Switch: PROmesh kennenlernen - Vorteil "Netzwerkmonitoring"

Network monitoring without additional hardware

Use basic monitoring for industrial networks - with managed switches such as the PROmesh switch family

Industrial Switch: PROmesh kennenlernen

Gigabit networks as pioneers for Industry 4.0

Maximum performance for increasingly complex machine/hall networks and growing data volumes.

Industrial Switch: PROmesh kennenlernen

Uncomplicated network maintenance

Convenient access to diagnostic and status data for your system network - thanks to the integrated and secure web interface.

Industrial Switch: PROmesh kennenlernen

Cutting-edge technology at affordable prices.

Our switches not only offer the same powerful performance as conventional industrial switches, but also stand out with a decisive plus - advanced diagnostic functions. Choose PROmesh P switches - because more value doesn't have to cost more.

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Branchentreffen Automobil 2021: Produktmanager für Industrial Communication Tim Creutziger

Product Manager Ethernet Infrastructure | Indu-Sol

Your specialist for the selection of high-performance network components and industrial switches - I advise you on all aspects of the changing requirements for network components in the industrial environment.

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