Planning network load prior to construction


Saving time and money during planning and maintenance

PROnetplan is a design software that makes it possible to preplan a PROFINET network particularly simple. It is used to appraise the network load related to the line depth, the refresh rate and the structure of a plant. This engineering tool enables you to create an ideal network structure with an optimized network load.


  • Displaying the network load for each network connection
  • Adjusting the refresh rate
  • Information of the line depth for each device
  • Adjusting the net load separately for each device
  • Device adjusting in expert mode
  • Adjusting of various network access devices like PROFINET-INspektor® NT  or a measuring point like PNMA II
  • Clear device list of all nodes
  • Displaying of security advices
  • Displaying of available ports on switches or devices
  • Comprehensive print function
  • Feature-packed PDF export
PROnetplan engineering tool Plan your network structure PROnetplan - network load Optimize network load

The software helps to optimise the system topology and the related network load already during planning. PROnetplan is characterised by a simple handling, a clear structured display and an extensive information content.

Connected with the software PROscan® Active V2 already scanned topology plans can be extended and edited simply by PROnetplan®.

PROnetplan - Refresh rate Refresh rate
PROnetplan - Available ports Displaying of available ports
PROnetplan - Security advices Security advices
PROnetplan - Print function Print function

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