VORTEX 2022: Status report on the current state of industrial networks

Intelligent infrastructure alone does not make an innovative production network

VORTEX 2022: Status report on the current state of industrial networks

Attention machine and plant operators!

This year's VORTEX study shows, based on more than 400 measurement assignments on behalf of customers, that the desired continuity in production has brought with it a rethinking of service requirements in the manufacturing industry. Digitization, networked systems and remote support require conceptual advice, cross-network integration of communication systems and continuous remote support beyond a specific project.

The VORTEX 2022 report also shows:

Which typical sources of error have increased in industrial networks in 2021?

VORTEX 2022: Typical sources of error 2021

Which essential considerations for the dimensioning of the network must be made during planning?

VORTEX 2022: Dimensioning considerations

Which measures can be used to avoid expensive, time-consuming retrofitting within a few years?

VORTEX 2022: Measures that avoid costly retrofits

How does a planned monitoring support the (remote) maintenance of the network?

VORTEX 2022: Condition Monitoring
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Why you should request the VORTEX report:

VORTEX 2022 - Bessere Planung dank Entscheidungshilfe

Basis for decision-making for modern repair and maintenance concepts

Network structure, selection of infrastructure components, network design - the VORTEX report offers those responsible for production and maintenance a knowledge base for decisions that have a significant influence on the later machine and system stability.

PROFINET Whitepaper - Praxiserkenntnisse und Marktdaten

Bundled knowledge from many years of practical experience

The VORTEX report is based on the findings from more than 400 measurement calls in 2021 and 20 years of experience by Indu-Sol in evaluating data communication quality in PROFINET networks.

PROFINET Whitepaper - Anlagen- und Maschinennetzwerke zukunftssicher machen

Best prepared for the connected future

End-to-end networking, predictive maintenance, automated maintenance - the demands on industrial automation solutions are constantly increasing. The knowledge from the white paper helps you to meet them!

Indu-Sol: Your partner for industrial networks. Powerful know-how for your success.

VORTEX 2022: Planning and consulting by Indu-Sol

Network design and concepts

Create the basic conditions with a future-proof network structure so that the increasing networking of machines and systems remains controllable!

With clearly defined responsibilities, demand-oriented infrastructure components and targeted network management, you can lay the foundation today for a secure tomorrow.

VORTEX 2022: Insights from more than 400 trade fair missions

Network infrastructure

The choice of infrastructure components has a significant influence on the performance of your fieldbus or industrial network.

No matter if growing data volume, higher EMC load or increased safety requirements - at Indu-Sol you will find the right components for a stable and safe data communication.

VORTEX 2022: Fit für die Zukunft

Network diagnostics

Decentrally determined status data build the basis for a central monitoring of the overall network status, targeted network management and predictive maintenance.

Benefit from modern and predictive maintenance through the AI-based status analysis of your plant network.