PROmesh P10X (IP67 switch)

IP67 Industrial Switch with integrated online cable diagnostics

PROmesh P10X: IP67 Industrial Switch (Gigabit, managed)

The "network guardian" outside the control cabinet

Designed specifically for use outside of control cabinets, the PROmesh P10X offers high network performance and diagnostics in just one device. Due to its IP67 classification, this industrial switch can be mounted and used directly in rough industrial environments.

Thanks to the integrated online cable diagnostics, connected data cables are permanently physically monitored. This means that worn or damaged data lines can be detected during operation before the system operation is impaired. A well-founded statement about the "wear reserve" of the network is possible at any time - without interrupting the system operation. With this knowledge, maintenance measures become easier to plan.

Benefits of the PROmesh P10X (IP67)

  • Highest plant reliability
    thanks to robust design and online cable diagnostics
  • Shorter cable runs / more space in the control cabinet
    as mounting outside the control cabinet is possible
  • Simplified maintenance
    thanks to innovative monitoring functions (with alarm)
PROmesh P10X - benefits of an IP67 switch with diagnostics

Discover the web interface and functions of the PROmesh P10/P10X
– Conveniently in your browser. Choose from three practical scenarios.

Key features of the PROmesh P10X

PROmesh P10X: IP67 switch with cable diagnostics

Cable diagnostics during operation

PROmesh P10X: IP67 switch for rough plant environments

IP67 certified (water/dust resistant)

PROmesh P10X: IP67 switch with integrated monitoring functions

Monitoring functions

PROmesh P10X: IP67 switch with user-friendly web interface

Web interface and alerts

PROmesh P10X: IP67 switch with gigabit performance



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Product details

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Technical data (extract)

8 x M12 ports, d-coded
(10/100 Mbps)
2 x M12 ports, x-coded
(10/100/1000 Mbps)
ProtocolsHTTP, HTTPs, SNMPv1, SNMPv2, SNMPv3, DHCP Client, DNS, TFTP, SMTP Client, SNTP Client, LLDP, IGMP, MRP Master/Client, RSTP, Syslog
Network load (per ms);Errors, Discards

Please refer to our download area or the product details for the complete data sheet.

PROmesh P10X: Features in detail

Online cable diagnostics (during operation)
– Detect and rectify line-based defects at an early stage

The PROmesh P10X brings innovative online cable diagnostics into the IP67 range of your systems and machines. Thereby is it possible to visualise the physical wear of your network cables permanently. This is achieved by a complex evaluation system that compares the current value of connected data cables with a target value corresponding to the cable length. The determined quality value ("Q-value") is clearly indicated per port.

Unlike known cable testers, the PROmesh P10X performs the cable diagnosis permanently and during ongoing system operation. This is made possible by the combination of a powerful industrial switch (IP67) with the innovative online cable diagnosis. Thanks to this permanent monitoring, critical cable conditions can be automatically detected and remedied by your maintenance department - before your system operation is impaired.

PROmesh P10X - Industrial Ethernet IP67 switch with integrated cable diagnostics

Monitoring functions (with event notification)
– Simplified maintenance thanks to early detection

Detect irregularities in the network and data communication at an early stage. Maintenance work can be carried out in a more targeted and planned manner - before faults or failures occur. Relieve your maintenance and stabilise your system operation permanently.

Performance monitoring
– Detect network load bottlenecks

Since data traffic varies at different points in your industrial network, it is advisable to monitor the network load at important data nodes (=switches). If the data traffic exceeds the capacity of the switch, data loss (discards) or communication disruptions will occur.

Often these sporadic network load peaks occur due to acyclic data queries or TCP/IP applications. In order to make these short-term overloads visible, the PROmesh P10X provides network load statistics. These show all network loads per port and discards that have occurred, up to the second, and enable performance-related bottlenecks to be discovered and eliminated.

PROmesh P10X Industrial IP67 Switch with status overviewPort statistics with status information
PROmesh P10X Industrial IP67 Switch with Performance Monitoring (per port)
PROmesh P10X Industrial IP67 Switch with Leakage Current Monitoring

EMC monitoring
– Equipotential bonding OK?

Communication errors or interruptions? Despite correct shielding, EMC coupling in data lines occurs again and again in practice. To better detect these sources of EMC interference, the PROmesh P10X has permanent leakage current monitoring

The integrated leakage current monitoring of the PROmesh P10X records the frequency and intensity of occurring EMC disturbances in addition to the exact time. In order to simplify the subsequent search for the source of interference, an exact snapshot of the event is also stored. This can be called up via the web interface of the PROmesh P10X.

If a freely settable limit value is exceeded, an automatic alarm notification is sent.

Voltage monitoring (24 V)
– Over- and undervoltage present?

When components and loads are switched on and off, voltage fluctuations occur in your system. These overvoltages/undervoltages can damage or cause failures of switches and other components.

In the case of switches, the central communication nodes, such failures are particularly critical, as the system communication would be considerably affected. For this reason, the PROmesh P10X has integrated monitoring of the power supply (24 V). This can be integrated into your central network monitoring as an additional stability parameter, for example.

PROmesh P10X Industrial IP67 Switch with Voltage/Temperature Monitoring

Temperature monitoring
– Safety despite extreme conditions

The extended temperature range (-40 to +75 °C) allows the PROmesh P10X to be used even under extreme environmental conditions. The integrated monitoring of the device temperature provides additional safety during use.

This not only helps to avoid a temperature-related device failure. The thermal wear of the switch can also be tracked and reduced. The individual tolerance range of the temperature alarm can be managed via the integrated web interface.

All relevant condition values at a glance
– Better plant availability without additional inspection efforts

Modern plants and machines are network-based. The condition of your network therefore reveals an enormous amount about the availability reserves of your plant. Being able to track the condition of your network therefore makes it possible to secure or even increase plant availability. Make the status of your (sub-)network visible at any time with the PROmesh P10X.

Clear user interface
(according to traffic light colour scheme) 

Condition and measurement values only help if you can use them in an uncomplicated way. For this reason, the PROmesh P10X has an integrated web interface that can be accessed on site or remotely. With the help of this, all recorded monitoring and diagnostic data can be called up effortlessly.

The well-proven condition evaluation according to the traffic light colour scheme (red - yellow - green) speeds up your routine condition checks. In addition, all measured values are graphically processed and clearly displayed. This allows you to recognise anomalies or a need for action at a glance.

PROmesh P10X - Industrial IP67 Switch. Web interface for optimal controlSecure access via web interface
PROmesh P10X Industrial IP67 Switch with Alarm Management
PROmesh P10X Industrial IP67 Switch: set individual alarms / thresholds

Event alarms with push notification
(individually customisable)

Whether preset (according to Indu-Sol recommendation) or individual threshold value: The alarm manager of the PROmesh P10X documents all events and conspicuities to the millisecond. Depending on the configuration, an automated notification can be triggered for certain events. This allows you to detect and eliminate potential sources of interference preventively.

The following notifications are supported

  • PN-RTA
  • SNMP
  • E-mail
  • Relay

IP67 certified (water/dust protected)
– Developed for the toughest operating conditions

Thanks to its robust and compact design, the PROmesh P10X is ideally suited for use outside the control cabinet. Effortlessly implement sophisticated network structures - optionally also directly on robots or other moving system parts.

  • For use outside the control cabinet
  • Space-saving thanks to compact design
  • Suitable for extreme temperatures (-40 to +75 °C)
  • Suitable for welding applications (thanks to metal housing)
  • Suitable for moving plant sections (vibration-resistant)
PROmesh P10X: Indistrial IP67 switch for harsh industrial environments

Gigabit-capable (up to 1 GBit/s) , PROFINET v2.4
– Solid switch performance that does not shy away from comparison

In addition to the maintenance-friendly advanced maintenance functions, the PROmesh P10X convinces with its performance as an Industrial Switch (IP67) for PROFINET and Industrial Ethernet. It thus combines network performance and diagnostics - without the need for additional measuring devices in the network section.

  • 8 port x 100 Mbps; 2 port x 1.0 GBps
  • Netload Class III
  • Conformance Class B
  • Support of several ring protocols (MRP, STP, RSTP)

Need additional Gigabit ports for your IP67 switch configuration? Please contact us directly or note the required gigabit port count (per switch) in your PROmesh P10X quote request.

More bandwidth for heterogeneous / convergent networks - but how?

Due to the higher communication traffic heterogeneous or convergent networks require more bandwidth. In order to increase the usable bandwidth there are primarily two approaches to solutions in the industrial environment:

  • Increase of the real bandwidth (Gigabit communication)
    by increasing the data rate to 1 Gbps or more
    Note: Devices, applications and cables must be Gigabit-capable
  • Increase of the usable bandwidth (TSN communication)
    through improved real-time communication and data prioritisation
    Note: Devices and applications must be TSN-compatible

To learn more about professional planning of heterogeneous/convergent networks in industrial environments, click »here.

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