PROmesh P10

With integrated cable diagnostics and extensive monitoring. Gigabit-capable.

PROmesh P10: Gigabit Industrial Ethernet Switch / PROFINET Switch

The intelligent "network monitor"


hen installing PROFINET networks in machines and plants, connecting cables must be tested for proper function or even be certified. Until now, this testing had to be accomplished in a separate work step. The PROmesh P10 provides an alternative to this complex procedure for the first time.

The PROmesh P10 industrial switch, from the latest Gigabit switch generation, has an integrated cable diagnosis, which satisfies both the requirements of cable measurement and permanent, qualitative cable monitoring. Therefore, it is suitable for line testing during commissioning and during plant operation.
In short: Be able to make a well-founded statement about the "wear reserve" of the network at any time - without interrupting plant operation. With this knowledge maintenance measures become more predictable.

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The highlights of the PROmesh P10

PROmesh P10 Industrial Ethernet Switch with cable diagnostics

Integrated cable diagnostics

PROmesh P10 Industrial Ethernet Switch with EMV-Monitoring

EMC monitoring

PROmesh P10 Industrial Ethernet Switch with performance monitoring

Performance monitoring

PROmesh P10 Industrial Ethernet Switch with 24V monitoring

24 V monitoring

PROmesh P10 Industrial Ethernet Switch with Gigabit and TSN

Gigabit-capable + TSN-ready

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Technical data (extract)

8 x RJ45 ports
(10/100/1000 Mbps)
2 x SFP ports
(100/1000/2500 Mbps)
ProtocolsHTTP, SNMPv1, SNMPv2, DHCP Client, TFTP, Syslog, LLDP, IGMP, SMTP Client, SNTP Client, RSTP, MRP Master/Client
Port statisticsNetwork load (per ms), Errors, Discards

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PROmesh P10: Features in detail

Online cable diagnostics (during operation)
– Detect and rectify line-based defects at an early stage

Due to a sophisticated evaluation system of the transmission and reception parameters, the PROmesh P10 switch is able to provide clear statements about the current transmission quality and also about the state of the data lines. In order to visualise the physical abrasion of network cables, a quality value "Q-actual value" is permanently determined for each cable. This status value is compared to a "Q-setpoint value" that corresponds to the cable length. As a result, the line status per port can be determined.

The status of each data cable can be easily checked via the integrated web interface of the PROmesh P10. Thanks to the traffic light colour principle, it is possible to immediately detect when the value falls below the preset threshold value. Damaged cables can be replaced according to their condition during the next maintenance interval. All alarms can also be transmitted to a higher-level network monitoring system (via SNMP, PROFINET, email, relay).

PROmesh P10 - Industrial Ethernet Switch with integrated cable diagnostics

Performance Monitoring

If the data traffic in the network exceeds the performance limit of a switch, data loss (discards) occurs. This is often caused by sporadically occurring network load peaks, e.g. due to acyclic queries from the IT level or TCP/IP applications.

In order to make this short-term peak load visible, the PROmesh P10 provides useful network load statistics. This displays to the second all network loads per port and the associated failures and makes it possible to identify and eliminate network load-related bottlenecks.

PROmesh P10 Industrial Gigabit Switch with status overview
PROmesh P10 Industrial Gigabit Switch with performance monitoring (per port)
PROmesh P10 Industrial Gigabit Switch with leakage current monitoring

EMC monitoring

Despite correct shielding, EMC couplings on data cables frequently cause communication errors or breakdowns. With the aid of permanent leakage current monitoring, common sources of EMC interference can be identified without complicated measuring procedures.

For this purpose the PROmesh P10 captures the exact time, frequency and intensity of occurring EMC disturbances. If a freely settable limit value is exceeded, an automatic alarm notification is triggered. To simplify subsequent analysis, an exact time history around the incident (snapshot) is also stored. This can be called up via the web interface of the switch.

PROmesh P10 Industrial Gigabit Switch with 24 V power supply monitoring

Monitoring the 24 V power supply

Industrial switches form the central hub of any network. A switch failure due to insufficient power supply is not tolerable. For this reason, the PROmesh P10 has an integrated monitoring of the power supply (24 V), which can be integrated into the central network monitoring as an additional stability parameter.

According to EN 61131-2, a tolerance range of -17.5 % to +16.5 % must be maintained for a 24 V power supply for safe PLC operation. However, practice shows that the real voltage supply deviates from the required tolerance range and devices fail due to the large distribution depth.

PROmesh P10 Industrial Gigabit Switch, certified according to PROFINET specification v2.4

PROFINET specification V 2.4 compliant

Since 2020, PROFINET has been available via TSN with the PROFINET specification V 2.4. This means that both manufacturers and users can implement the advantages of TSN, such as future-proof IEEE Ethernet technology with higher bandwidth, deterministics, flexible network configuration, and a wide variety of chips, interoperably.

The PROmesh P10 is developed on the basis of the PROFINET specification V 2.4 and certified according to the following points:

  • Conformance Class B
  • Netload Class III
  • Real-time Class 1
PROmesh P10 Industrial Gigabit Switch with TSN support

Gigabit-capable (1000 / 2500 Mbps) / TSN ready

The PROmesh P10 was especially designed for the application in Gigabit and/or TSN networks. This makes it ideally suited for use in heterogeneous or convergent industrial networks.

  • 8 port x 1 Gbps; 2 port x 2.5 Gbps
  • Performance in the Distribution Layer category
  • Support of several ring protocols (MRP, STP, RSTP)

More bandwidth for heterogeneous / convergent networks - but how?

Due to the higher communication traffic heterogeneous or convergent networks require more bandwidth. In order to increase the usable bandwidth there are primarily two approaches to solutions in the industrial environment:

  • Increase of the real bandwidth (Gigabit communication)
    by increasing the data rate to 1 Gbps or more
    Note: Devices, applications and cables must be Gigabit-capable
  • Increase of the usable bandwidth (TSN communication)
    through improved real-time communication and data prioritisation
    Note: Devices and applications must be TSN-compatible

To learn more about professional planning of heterogeneous/convergent networks in industrial environments, click »here.

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