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Perfect bonding of the cable shield

EMC shield clamps system for cable shield termination

This case for any EMC eventuality includes fastening for conductor cables and copper cables as well as shield clamps. It will help you to discharge parasitic currents and compensating currents and achieve an equipotential bonding of low impedance. The components can simply be mounted on cables without using tools and provide for an optimal bonding of cable shield. Readjusting the spring pressure is not necessary, because there is a constant pressure on cable shield.

By means of the modular assembly system, the shield clamps are plugged in during installation to connect with the clips for top-hat rail, direct mounting or bus bar. This system increases flexibility and variety of mounting options, while the number of basic components is reduced.

The EMC STARTERBOX contains the following products

  • EMClip® shield terminal system

EMClip® shield clamps

  • Possible properties: direct mounting (D), bus bar (S), top-hat rail (H)
  • Available incl. strain relief (Z)
  • Available as double shield terminal (Duo)

EMFlex stripping tool

  • Variable cutting depth (from 0,8 to 2,5 mm)
  • Comfortable removing of insulations at any point along the cable
  • Suitable for very hard insulations

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All EMClips® shield terminals are solitary available as infrastructure components


Request offer for EMC STARTERBOX
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EMC brochure

EMC brochure

The brochure explains how to build up a stable EMC structure of automation systems and detect interferences


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