EMC / Equipotential Bonding infrastructure components

Efficient equipotential bonding components from one single source

Functional Bonding and Shielding

Recommendations of PROFIBUS & PROFINET International for functional bonding and shielding when building automation systems

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EMC fastening components

EMClots fastening components

Connect and fasten conductor cables

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Conductor cables für equipotential bonding

Conductor cables

Construct and implement meshed CBNs

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Reduce vagrant PE / PA currents

SymFlex®, Symmetrical Motor Cable

Reduce vagrant PE / PA currents

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All in one for perfect bonding of the cable shield


All in one for perfect bonding of the cable shield

Product details
  • Fastening components
  • Conductor cables
  • Shield contacts, terminals, clamps
  • Cables
  • Switches with leakage current monitoring

Improve the Equipotential Bonding with the right infrastructure components

Until a few years ago it was assumed, that disturbances in data communication were only a internal system problem. Today, it is known, that external influences like EMC disturbances or an insufficient equipotential bonding cause increasingly communication disturbances.

Our EMC components support you to reduce the electromagnetic incompatibility in a fieldbus relevant environment.

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