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Motor Cable SymFlex® EMV-DRIVE

Reduce vagrant PE /PA currents

Motor Cable SymFlex® EMV-DRIVE

The objective of an EMC-compatible design of automation systems is to minimize the impact of potential sources of interferences. When high-frequency consumers are being connected, it is observed that a capacitive coupling leads to unwanted currents in the protective earth (PE) of the motor cable. These currents, generally referred to as leakage currents, are being dissipated into the equipotential bonding system, and it is not uncommon that they will take the low-impedance path via the bus line shielding.

To compensate these undesirable currents right at their origin, use the special symmetrical motor cable SymFlex® EMV-Drive.

Highlights SymFlex® EMV-DRIVE

  • Minising unwanted currents
  • Optimised for frequency-controlled drives
  • Low working capacitance/inductance guaranteeing minimum electromagnetic emissions
  • Symmetrical arrangement of cable cores
  • Special CU braid and additional electrostatic shielding
Symmetrical motor cable SymFlex EMV-DriveSymFlex® EMV-DRIVE with profile
Symmetrical motor cable SymFlex EMV-DriveSymFlex® EMV-DRIVE +FE with profile

Symmetrical motor cable - function & application

The motor cables of the SymFlex® series have been optimised for use in frequency-controlled drives. The low working capacitance/inductance of the cable, enclosed by a combination of braided and foil shield (100% covering) guarantee minimum electromagnetic emissions to neighbouring electronic equipment circuits.

To minimise the impact of electromagnetic fields to permissible levels, the cables are provided with a special CU braid and additional electrostatic shielding.

Motor cables of type 2YSLCYK-3JB (labelling according to the standard) are suitable for fixed installation in dry, humid and wet rooms, for outdoor use, and for flexible use without additional mechanical stresses.

We specially recommend the symmetrical motor cable for high drive densities, long cable lengths (> 20 m), high pulse frequencies of frequency inverters or controllers, and for a wide range of sensitive electronic automation equipment in the environs of the drives.

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The cables of the product series +FE are developed to run a cable in strongly EMC contaminated environments.

EMC brochure

EMC brochure

The brochure explains how to build up a stable EMC structure of automation systems and detect interferences


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