PROFIBUS monitoring
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Indu-Sol delivery concept PROFIBUS monitoring

Delivery concept „PROFIBUS monitoring“


Indu-Sol GmbH has developed an overall concept for safeguarding your PROFIBUS-controlled systems in which the communication quality is checked with a permanent passive data collector based on a PROFIBUS-INspektor® NT and in case of irregularities an alarm is issued before the failure.

The concept serves a long-term security, a reliable and stable functioning plant control and finally the security of the production processes. In addition to the hardware, the delivery concept also integrates the services, which include the metrological acceptance of the network, the creation of a protocol of the results and the qualified instruction of the maintenance personnel on the plant.

Indu-Sol delivery concept PROFIBUS monitoring

The delivery concept includes

Delivery of hardware for permanent network monitoring


  • Evaluation of the determined network data for compliance with the planning and specification requirements

    • Offline verification of the real topology of the master system
    • Checking the presence of the necessary measuring points
  • Evaluation of communication quality

    • Online checking of the logical data transmission of the master system for subscriber failures, error telegrams, telegram repetitions and / or diagnostic messages
    • Setting up the topology in the PROFIBUS-INspektor® NT
    • Online check of signal quality per PROFIBUS station, in each segment from both segment ends

  • Random EMV assessment

    • Recording of currents on the bus screen and the equipotential bonding conductors with EMheck® LSMZ I
    • Recording the mesh resistances of the bus screen and the equipotential bonding conductors EMCheck® MWMZ II

  • Integration of the PROFIBUS-INspektor® NT into the monitoring software PROmanage® NT

  • Setting the thresholds individually adapted to your network

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Instruction of the maintenance personnel

Final valuation from Indu-Sol GmbH

  • Preparation of an acceptance protocol after continuous monitoring under conditions close to production (after input of the responsible maintenance personnel) with final evaluation of the acceptance capability

  • Evaluation: Acceptance granted Yes / No

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